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"Show Stress Who's Boss!"
by Carole Spiers

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Carole Spiers Group - Stress Management Training
and Employee Nationwide Counselling Service

Organisational Change … Employee Counselling … Workplace Stress … Crisis Management … Redundancy… Absenteeism … Workplace Bullying and Intimidation.

These essential topics are handled with the experience and insight of the Carole Spiers Group (CSG) that delivers proven stress reduction solutions to top corporations, worldwide, 24/7.

Listening CSG is a leading provider of Employee Counselling, Stress Management, training, Workplace Bullying awareness training and Employee Wellbeing services, on an international scale. Our consultants have introduced many blue chip organisations to stress reduction measures that have decisively improved their performance and sharpened their competitive edge.

With over 20 years experience of Conferences and Boardroom Briefings, on Stress Management Training and Employee Counselling behind us, we are uniquely equipped to help Boards achieve a healthy workplace culture by the successful management of workplace stress, organisational change and workplace bullying.

Now, well into our third decade, we have harmonised with many different countries and cultures, principally the UK and UAE. Names such as Accenture, Al Habib (Oman), ADMA (Abu Dhabi), Bank of England, Debenhams, Dubai Cables, Etisalat (Dubai), House of Fraser, Kanoo Group (ME), Panasonic and Phoenix Pharmahandel (Germany) testify to our compatibility across frontiers.

Learn How to Handle Occupational Stress in the Recession and Prepare for the Upturn

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Perhaps this is your first recession. It's not ours. Established since 1987, we've seen several economic cycles move up and down, and we've helped to handle the consequences of excessive staffing and redundancy.

We can recognise, better than most, the stress symptoms in your individual personnel and in the corporate entity as a whole. We are ideally positioned and able to advise you when situations look challenging and when conditions improve we will help you ensure your sustained success.

Stress Management Consultancy - The Personal Touch from Carole Spiers , CSG's founding Director.

Carole Spiers Carole Spiers Group is successfully modelled on the talent and personality of Carole Spiers herself. A mesmorising platform presenter, Carole remains in popular demand as a motivational speaker, conference chair and also a popular writer on the human factor in business.

Carole is also an Expert Witness before the UK Courts, past chair of the International Stress Management Association and is also the Past President of the London Chapter of the Professional Speakers Association. She is Author of industry's bible, 'Managing Stress in the Workplace', published by Tolley’s of London.

"I am dedicated to supporting your long-term growth through an efficient retention of talent that is rooted in effective stress management." Carole Spiers, CEO

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