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“Are you good at multi-tasking?”, was the question raised at a business seminar last week. It probably will not surprise you to learn that most of the women in the audience raised their hands, whilst most of the men present, seemed to be unsure as to what the term actually meant!

As we discussed the issue, and even though many of us can, and do, handle more than one task contemporaneously – it soon became apparent from our conversation that the skill of multi-tasking may not be as advantageous as we might think. In fact, when we concentrate on one task at a time, then we tend to be more efficient, more focused and benefit from no interruptions.

Time and Management

Disruptions and disturbance are the enemies of efficiency. Sitting quietly writing when my concentration is broken by my iPhone suddenly ringing or by the beep that signifies the receipt of a text message, both disrupt my train of thought and my focus.  So does the person who interrupts a private conversation to give an unwanted opinion or enters my personal working space, uninvited. Continue reading


Stressed? When a Headache Becomes a Heart Attack!

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Two weeks ago, it was the UK’s World Mental Health Day and despite the considerable publicity that is given to mental heath on this day, and also throughout the year, the topic is still, too often, a taboo subject.    We know from medical professionals that those suffering from anxiety and other mental health issues need to seek help as soon as possible before permanent damage is allowed to occur and that any delay in diagnosis and treatment, due to social stigma regarding the subject, needs to be avoided.

So this being Mental Health Day, I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to look at some basic myths and misconceptions about one cause of mental health problems, stress. Continue reading


Work Stress Expert, Carole Spiers, says that procrastination kills opportunity!

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It was reported this week that an Englishman whose ambition was to climb Mount Kilimanjiro, the highest point in Africa,  before he turned 70, achieved his goal, only to die shortly after sending his wife a text from the summit.    Alistair Cook, suffered a
heart attack as he descended and his final message to his wife read ‘Reached the summit at 09.50, feel exhausted but so happy’.

This story begs the questions:  Is it ever too late to realise our dreams? Is there any time limit? Do we have to wait for retirement when we may be less fit than we are now, or when we have lost drive and motivation as our energy levels eventually fall?

Your dream could be scuba diving with dolphins, studying for an MBA from MIT, opening your own business, building your own house, buying a Harley bike, going on safari, mentoring others to pass on your skills to the next generation – or maybe just to lie on the beach in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.  The reality is, however, that many of us never see that dolphin, because we just let the days tick by and we lose our focus and direction.  And then, for many reasons, it is often too late.  The time for personal action is now. Today is real. Tomorrow is never here. Continue reading


Work stress expert asks, ‘How annoying are you?’


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I was sitting in my hairdresser in London the other day at 8 am, which is my normal weekly routine. Sitting in the peace and quiet is something that I really enjoy and look forward to.  However, on this occasion, one of the other clients, had a voice that was so loud and intrusive that the tranquillity of the salon was broken and I was very pleased when she left and fortunately, she only had short hair.

This incident made me wonder how many of us are actually aware that many of our frequent habits may actually annoy others either at home or at work.  At the office, behaviour such as shouting down the telephone, never thinking of making coffee or tea for a colleague or bringing  in smelly food to eat at one’s desk are all stated to be some of the more irritating habits, according to a new survey from Samsung Electronics.  These complaints were followed by slow computer systems, printer jams and unnecessary emails which were also a daily misery for office workers, accordingly to the survey of 1,500 adults.

Why is it, I wonder, that many of us are actually unaware that we are being annoying and the resultant stress that we sometimes cause to others?  Was that woman in the hairdressing salon really not aware that everyone had to listen to her conversation with the stylist, and were very anxious for her to leave so that peace and quiet could
be restored? Continue reading