Conflict at Work Causes Expensive Disruption

Conflict at home can cause upset and misery.  Conflict at work can cause expensive disruption and these hidden costs are underestimated in many organisations.

If two people are not working well together, then this will almost certainly have a ‘knock-on’ effect upon the whole department and, in turn, the entire company.  Sometimes conflict is just ignored ‘we will just let them get over it’… ‘what has it got to do with us, time will sort it out’.  Well, time may just NOT just sort it out and situations can easily escalate.  What starts out as an aggravation and annoyance can turn into a full blown grievance all too quickly and start to cost the organisation dear, in terms of time and money.

The aggrieved individual concerned may feel:

• Upset and angry
• Feel they have a  valid case
• Ignored
• Not taken seriously Continue reading