Are you a Good Time Manager?

As I sit in my London office waiting to coach Marian, a PR consultant, I am wondering as to why, if I am on time, she is not.  We have the same 24 hours in the day, we both have very busy diaries and I wouldn’t dream of keeping her waiting as that would be disrespectful.  But she consistently fails to arrive for our meetings on time.

When she eventually turns up, she is profusely apologetic with countless reasons as to why she is late, but it is now getting to the point where I am really disinterested in her reasons.  All I know is that she is ruining my schedule for the day and, realistically, there is no reason why this should be happening.

Marion then tells me that she hasn’t completed a piece of work that I had given her to do from last week. She tells me, ‘I had forgotten that my children had to be collected from dance school and then the computer crashed and I couldn’t do it!. I am really sorry!’ I had to swallow hard listening to her excuses and obvious procrastination.  I asked as to why she didn’t plan this task earlier into her week and again came another
round of reasons why she couldn’t and didn’t.

Of course, Marion is not alone in her poor time-keeping habits but if she is to be successful in business, then she is going to have to take some hard decisions in her life and make some real changes.

Time and Stress

In reality, of course, we cannot manage time, we can only manage ourselves and our
relationship with time. But if we are to be taken seriously then we must be aware of the timetables of others and our ability to either respect those time-schedules or to ignore them. If we ignore them, it is not only discourteous but can cause real problems, for most of us are a scheduled link in the daily lives of others and if we break the link then they have to run harder to reconnect it further on. And that is to unnecessarily increase the workload and the pressure for everyone. Continue reading


Charm Alone Won’t Get You to the Top!

Do good looks and charm really get you to where you want to be?  I know that I am drawn to an attractive, good looking child and I think to myself ‘that child will be successful in life’.  But is that all it takes?  Probably not, but it may well help to climb the career ladder.

Of course, we need to have the skills of our trade or profession, whether we are the CEO or an office cleaner, it makes no difference, we all have our role to fulfil in the workplace. So you would probably agree that hard work and tenacity are important elements in success but would you put ‘charm’ and ‘good looks’ in the same category?
I was interested to read a poll from Volunteer Reading Help, a UK children’s literacy charity, of 500 CEOs, managers and executives earning over £70,000 ($100,000) per year suggesting that hard work, looks and charm are routes to the top.

With the economic climate as it is at the moment, many people are choosing to remain where they are rather than seeking another job.  But, while they remain, the most ambitious will be looking for better job opportunities within their organisation.
So let’s look at some suggestions that may help you to increase your profile and build your professional reputation. Continue reading


Experiencing Stress & Anxiety? Respect maybe the key…

‘Treat others, as you would want them to treat you!’  How many times do we hear this being said?  We say it to our children and hope that they will remember it for the rest of their lives.  We all know that to earn respect, we must first give respect and, of course, give it to ourselves as well, for if you don’t respect yourself, then no-one else will respect you.

Respect is one of the foundation stones of a healthy relationship but sadly it is very often not recognised as being essential.  Many people experience stres & anxiety because they do not receive respect from others.

Some of my readers may well remember that I regularly write about how to motivate and increase performance without money.  There are many ways that we can do this and ‘giving respect’  is just one of those ways that costs nothing but can be worth much. According to the words of the old Beatles song ‘Money can’t buy you love’ but one might wonder if it can buy you respect.  If we had sufficient money, would people automatically respect you?  Would it buy influence? Continue reading


Relieve Stress by Being More Positive

In my counselling room last week, I was talking to my client, Mary, and asked her if she had anything positive to say, i.e. something that wasn’t negative and she answered ‘No!’.  Mary was going through a difficult time finding a stable relationship, her job was unfulfilling and she was firmly under the impression that no-one liked her.  Her negativity and lack of energy was quite difficult for me to hear.  However, in my role as a counsellor, this is exactly why she came to see me and so we spent our time working together to try to bring some positive thinking and purpose into her life.

Everybody feels ‘down’ sometimes, but those negative feelings usually don’t last long. Life is not a straight line for anyone. Life is like a sine wave, it goes up and down and there are peaks and troughs. To be reasonably happy with our life is usually the default position, but if things go wrong over a period of time, then that position can change.

Of course, unhappiness is not contagious but most of us want to be with positive people, not negative ones. There are those who have to work with people who have a negative outlook: nurses and carers have to deal all day with those who are sick and in pain, or maybe even dying, yet they remain positive themselves.  However, they need the strength and inner resources to pass onto others and not to allow other people’s negativity to have an effect upon them. Continue reading