Women in the Boardroom

Returning from Qatar after delivering a public speaking programme to an executivewomen’s team, I can really see that there is a huge amount of untapped talent just waiting outside the boardroom door and yet we see that their actual
representation around the table, is very low.

According to Shamsa Saleh, CEO of Dubai Women’s Establishment, the UAE female participation in the public sector is recorded at over 50 per cent with a 22 per cent of
women presence in the boards’ positions. But their presence is quite low when
it comes to the private sector at 1.5 per cent only.

It doesn’t mean that women are unable or don’t have the skills to compete in a
man’s world, particularly in the Middle East, but there are still many challenges along the way.

There are many factors that may contribute to this but the one that I focused on
within this women’s executive team programme, were their public speaking

Overcoming the ‘fear factor’ is not difficult but it takes tenacity and a determination
that will persuade others of your opinions. Continue reading