Are you Open or Closed Minded?

Being open-minded can sometimes be really tough. Most of us are brought up with a set of values and tend to surround ourselves with people who think in a similar way to ourselves and share the same values.  Therefore it can be a problem when faced with ideas that challenge our own, even though, cognitively, we know we should be more open to them.

However, holding onto entrenched ideas is not always a helpful strategy for learning new skills and seeing things from a fresh perspective.  People who hold on tightly to long-held beliefs can close their mind and their thinking to any external input.

So ask yourself, what are those beliefs that you are holding on to?  What are you defending so rigidly?  What prevents you from being receptive to another’s viewpoint? Continue reading


Stress at Work: Managing Office Gossip

Does the phrase ‘I heard it through the grapevine’ sound familiar to you.  How many times do we listen to ‘Chinese whispers’ only to find out that the rumours are completely
unfounded or inaccurate.  Nevertheless, I still wonder if gossip has a place in the workplace.

I read the other day of a company director who decided to sound out the reaction of his team about an impending change management programme, by starting an anonymous rumour to gauge their reaction.  Would they go into denial, get angry, say it was unfair or would they embrace the change. Continue reading