When Lying Becomes a Force of Habit

Everybody tells lies, or do they? They may only be ‘white lies’ and most of us do this at some time or tend to be ‘economical with the truth’. We tell ourselves that it doesn’t really matter and convince ourselves accordingly.

For example: “The traffic today was dreadful”, rather than saying we were late in leaving the office. “I really like that new suit you are wearing”, rather than saying that we really think it looks awful. These are the ‘make life easier’ kind of lies and we tend to say them in order to avoid conflict or to protect someone’s feelings and so we can easily justify them.

However, some people feel compelled to frequently ’bend the truth’ in order to protect themselves from retribution or to gain financially or socially. Then there are those who hide the truth for no apparent reason so that it becomes a habit and way of life to them. They don’t even seem to know when they are lying as it seems to come naturally to them, and then they often become aggressive when challenged. Continue reading