Enhancing Group Dynamics

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Jared is a client of mine, in London, who invested a good deal of time and money in bringing together what he believed to be a really smart and bright team. They were to be known as Corporate Achievers and be the ones who would anticipate corporate challenges and be the bright sparks and go-getters of the business by bringing in entrepreneurial traits to raise productivity and profitability.

He asked me to meet them and to conduct one-to-one interviews to ascertain their psychological profile and potential ability. In other words, now that he had selected them, he wanted my opinion as to how they would interact and work together as a team.

After my report, all initially went well but then he called me back to say that his high hopes for this innovative and creative team were not being fulfilled.

Apparently, although individually they were all potentially high achievers, within a team they just failed to work constructively together.

Two team members were inevitably always highly critical of the proposals of other colleagues and interpreted them as a competitive challenge; another failed to have the courage of his own convictions and in any discussion with a more dominant team member, would tend to merely listen and not to interact or to contribute.

Jared called me back and asked what he could do about this very real problem. He wanted to know how he could manage and improve these unproductive group dynamics that had such a negative effect on the morale and engagement of the team and inevitably on the business. He was very disappointed that his vision of a team of Corporate Achievers was not working and that now he had to deal with yet another challenge. Continue reading