Don’t Get Stressed out Because of Sloppy Work

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The Essential Guide to Managing Stress

I just fired one of my Section Leaders!’ Abdul, the recently appointed SVP of a construction company, in Abu Dhabi, told me last week during my monthly coaching phone call. ‘And what were your reasons?’ I asked.  ‘He was making repeated work errors that were unacceptable’.  I couldn’t manage the situation any longer as he was becoming a liability to the whole department,’ he replied. I listened attentively as he continued, ‘Carole, do you think I did the right thing?’

Not an easy one to answer!  We all know how important it is to take remedial action when we see work that is unacceptable but it is not always simple for some individuals to change.    Having operated personally in a certain way for years, it is often too difficult for them to change their mindset and way of working.  However, such a situation may need to change dramatically when a new senior executive arrives.

A new SVP can mean that you are faced with an immediate challenge.  Either raise your game immediately or accept the fact that you may have to find alternative employment with another company or organisation.  Neither of these are easy choices but they are ones that need to be addressed. Continue reading


De-stress: Industry’s role in helping the 60+

Find out how to deal with stress

4 Proven Steps to Beat Your Stress!

One of my clients is a former WW2 soldier, now 90 years old.  He talks about the Normandy landings in France during the Second World War and can still hear the explosions and feel the fear of that day, 70 years ago.  However, the battle that he faces now is not post-traumatic stress but loneliness.

Loneliness is not the same as being alone.  Most of us will choose to be alone, at times.  But loneliness is being alone not by choice but by circumstance and that feeling of isolation can be devastating.

Older people, who may have suffered a bereavement are more vulnerable to feeling isolated, particularly for the first months or even years after the event – and their loss can have an adverse effect on both mental and physical health. Continue reading


How to make your own luck!

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4 Easy Ways to Deal with Stress

At a dinner party the other evening, we were debating whether we were born lucky or was it that we make our own luck.  My own sense is that we can create our own good fortune by taking control of our own life and being aware and receptive to opportunities that come our way, at various times.  It is also about recognising that there is far more going ‘for’ us than ‘against’ us.   By recognising chances that are ‘for’ you and acting upon the options that are presented, you’ll be able to achieve many of your aspirations.

Even those individuals who are sceptical, have every opportunity to create their own luck.  Being ready to seize opportunities when they present themselves is up to every one of us.  Whatever our age or situation in life, it is never too late to exercise control by identifying choices and then choosing those that will benefit us. Of course, sometimes we may make the wrong choice but we can rectify that by then making another! Continue reading