Is your business purpose-driven?

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I remember when I was a rebellious teenager, my mother would be the one to teach me the difference between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and to reprimand me on my behavior.  She would ask if I did what I did on purpose or was it accidental.  The probability was that I just acted without thinking.  Now that I am (somewhat) older, I can see that as a child one can just about avoid retribution with this excuse.  However, after we reach our teenage years, that thinking is not really good enough and codes of behavior that include responsibility and accountability, become mandatory if we are to progress.  My mother was a very sensible woman and taught me that I must always be responsible for my own actions and also for the words that came out of my mouth.

So I very quickly had to learn that things don’t ‘just happen’.  They are usually planned through and then executed.

So let us apply that imperative into our business.  Does your department have its own (unwritten) mission statement so that everyone within it knows what is expected from them? Continue reading