Holidays without Stress

Unrealistic demands and deadlines, work overloads, poor communication, out-of-date equipment and/or staff shortages lead to pressure that often turns into stress.  However, it’s not usually connected with holidays – or is it?

'Show Stress Who's Boss!' provides tools and strategies that will show you how to deawl with stress.

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In reality, holidays and your everyday work are interconnected and depending whether your holiday break is good, or bad, will impact on how well you are able to manage pressure at your work, i.e. to be able to prevent normally stimulating pressure from turning into harmful stress that can cause mental and physical damage.  In this age of short deadlines and long hours, you need to compensate by taking frequent breaks as an essential re-charging tactic, and when you do so, it’s really important to switch-off completely and not be tempted to check your email every minute!  I certainly think that emailing has become an addiction instead of a communication tool. However, the fact remains that your mind needs that break as well as your body. Continue reading


Using your time effectively if unemployed

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4 Easy Ways to Deal with Stress

Jane is a client of mine but is currently between jobs i.e. temporarily unemployed.   Her friends tell her that she is lucky to have time on her hands – however, she does not see it that way.  She wakes up in the morning with no reason to get out of bed.    Her husband, Gerry, gets ready to go to work, as usual, by 7.15 whilst she lies in bed thinking about what she can do to fill her day.

This is a time of great challenge for Jane.  The very word ‘unemployed’ fills her with anxiety.  She understands that she was made redundant because of re-organisation within the firm and that it was not a reflection upon her work.  Her boss was very understanding and said he would give her a good reference but they just had to ‘let her go’.

So, from one moment of being Jane Reese, HR Assistant, she became Jane Reese – unemployed!  She didn’t think it would matter to her.  She would catch up on emails, rewrite her CV, go for interviews and get another job.  It all seemed rather simple, initially.  It was Summer time so she would also use the period to recharge her batteries.  But then Summer came to an end.  She had psyched herself up for countless job interviews but nothing had materialised.  She thought she would certainly have found a new position by then, but she hadn’t.  Jane tried hard to keep positive but this was becoming harder as she received one refusal after another.  So what to do?  She knew she had to take some action to keep herself active, positive, alert and confident.

So, she came to seek my advice and we looked at various options for her: Continue reading


Working with a boss you don’t like!

The Essential Guide for Managing Stress

The Essential Guide for Managing Stress

‘I really dislike my new boss!’ Mena commented to me in her office the other day.  So what should you do if you really don’t get on with your immediate manager?

One alternative might be to ask for a transfer to another department but that is not always possible and, in any event, you could lose seniority and slow down your career progression.

There is no question that in a situation in which you experience a personality clash with your boss, it is recommended that you try every possible strategy to resolve the situation to make it workable.  Always remember that changing jobs can take you to another company in which there may be problems with your new boss!  Then what? Continue reading