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Change Management. Communication Skills. Leadership. Employee Engagement

Communication Skills Leading to Employee Engagement

change management Organisational change can range from a simple process to a major strategic policy review. Whatever it is, there will be a need for strong leadership that will be an exemplar of determined action that motivates and inspires all the workforce.

Most Change Management programmes efforts fail because of an insufficient focus on people or misalignment of critical levels of behavioural change.

Communication Skills Starts at the Top

Our team specialise in helping organisations align the mind sets and behaviours of their people with transformational strategies.

With Board level leadership experience and a strong track record of supporting organisations going through change, we take a values based approach to aligning people and culture and organisational strategy, initially supporting the C-suite and senior leaders at diagnostic and strategy formation.

From Organisational Diagnostics to formulating your Organisational Development Strategy and implementing solutions - we can support you every step of the way.

Particularly in times of uncertainty, employees need reassurance, stability and focus to feel that they are valued and recognised. Under pressure, the need for resilience grows and it is important that pressure is managed so that it doesn't turn into stress.

Change brings uncertainly and affects everyone differently but this is just the time when leaders need to know how to bring everyone together and ensure that employee engagement is working well.

These are today's real challenges and as we have seen many changes before, we are ideally suited to support you today.

change management

Contact us for a FREE Special Report designed for the Management team - 'Changing Times Demand Positive Leadership'
Email: info@carolespiersgroup.co.uk

Leadership Team and Individual Support

It is important that leaders who drive change contribute to shaping the change and feel fully engaged and supported. We can provide that support through leadership team briefings, workshops and individual executive coaching.

  • Keynote Presentation Changing Times Demand Positive Action!
    An hour's presentation aimed at the C-suite team providing a clear focus for communication skills plus diagnostic and strategy formulation.
  • Masterclasses and Team Briefings
    Aimed at the Leadership Team and leaders at all levels who drive change and contribute to shaping the change.
  • Coaching - face to face or Skype
    Coaching and Mentoring is a proven way to improve personal motivation and increase both morale and confidence
  • Counselling
    Times of change can bring to the surface all sorts of other issues and therefore our face to face or counselling service would be ideally suited for this employee. Our nationwide surface can help you both quickly and effectively.

We can support you to turn your Change Management strategy into a reality which delivers the results you are looking for. From engaging the workforce in reformulating values or resetting the psychological contract to leadership and workforce development and recalibrating key policies and processes - we can meet all of your Change Management needs through our team of experts.

How clients react to our Change Management support programme:

Your innovative presentation on Change Management for our Top Team was really an eye-opener, and an ignition to what I call a 'mindset change process'. We all felt thoroughly engaged and involved in this important issue. In particular, we now focus carefully on the needs of those who may be challenged by new systems and methods. Truly we understand your main message that no-change is no option and have the strategies to take us forward.
Hayyan Al Habib, Director, Al Habib Group (Oman)

Contact the CSG team for your FREE, confidential, consultation to discuss the best way forward for your business. We are here to help you and are dedicated to your future business growth.

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