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"Show Stress Who's Boss!"
by Carole Spiers

Discover 4 Easy Steps to Beat Your Stress Today!

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'Taking the Stress out of Driving'

- are you a SAFE driver?

You didn't get a pay-rise …

Your wife's gone sulky …

You've got indigestion …

You're running late again …

You've just been cut-up by that white van …

You're in the danger zone for Road Rage.

And whether you're a professional long-distance truck-driver or just a weekend motorist, you need to know how to stay away from it. So read this new self-help E pocket manual by Carole Spiers, the UK's No.1 stress-guru.

'We give this book to all of our driving instructors as part of their induction process and it is very well received' Bite-sized chunks of really useful information.'

Mary Clifford, Training Manager

Take the Stress out of Driving

Next time you witness Road Rage, just imagine the harmful stresses that are playing havoc with the health of both drivers, as you watch. And make sure you're the one who keeps cool and in control. With the help of this e-book.

Today's motorist spends more and more time driving in a bad atmosphere, caused by congestion, yob-habits and the quickening tempo of life and work.

All the evidence shows that driving sets up fierce pressures that increasingly lead to road rage and other stress-related effects, including heart-attacks.

Now the UK's leading stress-guru Carole Spiers has prepared this unique short manual to provide you with practical anti-stress measures behind the wheel and strategies for avoiding the causes of road rage.

Carole says:

'You can't manage a traffic jam. But you can manage yourself.

Glaring at the queue … fretting at the clock … winching-up the stress … these common reflexes are not going to move you forward one inch. And rising anger could lead to incidents you bitterly regret. Remember, it's better to be late than to be 'The late …'

Now try my little four-part philosophy about road safety.

I want you to make sure your driving is S.A.F.E. - that is, Sure, Accepting, Focused, Ego-free.'


» of your vehicle, and all its controls, especially if you're new to it
» of your journey, by planning your route and packing provisions
» of yourself, and your fitness to drive in a calm and confident way


» of conditions you can't influence, like the weather or bad traffic
» of other drivers' errors, and their anger, which should be ignored
» of your passengers' demands, disagreements or back-seat driving


» by concentrating on the road, and resisting distractions in the car
» by taking regular meal-breaks and stretching your legs
» by varying your route, to avoid driving in a lazy, mechanical way


» by consciously curbing the attitude that all roads are your territory
» by taking a philosophical view of actions you might later regret
» by remembering that the stress of road-rage simply isn't worth it

This is one to read and re-read.

Maybe keep it in the glove compartment, to take out at moments when the stress is building up. So you stay in a good state while conditions are bringing out the worst in other drivers.

Now see how easily you could take the stress out of driving …

… and be a truly SAFE driver.

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Taking the Stress out of Driving 'Taking the Stress out of Driving'
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Are You a SAFE Driver?

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