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Stress Counselling,
Employee Assistance Programme [EAP]

Redundancy, absenteeism, low morale, reduced productivity and high levels of stress are all costly by-products of the current recession.

If you are looking to manage stress-related absenteeism effectively and offer your employees prompt, post traumatic stress support then we can help you quickly and effectively.

We offer you Proven Workplace Counselling Solutions with our Pay-as-You-Go Professional Counselling service for stress, Cognitive and Behavioural therapy [CBT] and employee counselling services.

Carole Spiers Group (CSG) provides the reassurance of over 20 years success in supplying stress counselling and Employee Assistance Programme [EAP] services to industry commerce and the public sector.

We have developed a unique range and depth of understanding, not only of redundancy but post trauma support, cognitive and behavioural therapy and many other counselling issues. Our Employee Counselling services address both workplace stress and personal stress issues incorporating anger management, bereavement counselling, cognitive and behavioural therapy [CBT] and relationship counselling within our package of stress counselling services.

Employee Counselling services Organisations who have commissioned Employee Counselling Services from us have reaped the benefits of higher motivation and morale, reduced absence, improved productivity and a reduced likelihood of the incidence of future claims for negligence.

Our professional stress counselling service is based on a solution-focused approach enabling employees to regain or maintain control of their lives.

It seeks to improve the health and wellbeing of your employees, reduce staff absence and increase retention, as well as assist you to meet your duty of care for your staff.

"Into our 14th year of Employee Stress Counselling with the Carole Spiers Group, I want to commend this excellent team for their support in all manner of stress-related situations, including a number of serious traumatic incidents.
They have demonstrated a deep understanding of workplace pressures, as well as a special insight into domestic stress impacting on work. Meanwhile our own HR department owes them sincere thanks for co-operation and guidance in this important professional speciality."

Matthew Thomas - Service Delivery Manager - Ceridian on behalf of Somerfield Stores Ltd.

Our Stress Counselling Team

Pay-as-you-go counselling service Whatever the incident, our Pay-as-You-Go Employee Stress Counselling service is tailored to your individual company needs and we will work alongside your own organisation maintaining strict confidentiality, at all times.

Our employee counselling services can be accessed by telephone, email, SKYPE or conventional face to face meeting.

The CSG network of Employee Counsellors are either members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy or the British Psychological Society.

Alternatively they have experience consistent with these or similar bodies and abide by their Code of Ethics, Standards and Practice.

Duration of Sessions
Sessions are usually between 1-2 hours duration with 4-6 sessions being recommended. However, this is adapted to the needs of each individual client.

Meeting and Monitoring in your Organisation
We recommend regular meetings to monitor our feedback and use this information in reviewing progress and trends within the client's organisation. This serves to pre-empt many problems that might otherwise grow unseen and cause future disruption or dysfunctional working in the workplace

Your Next Step
Maybe you've recognised stress symptoms in an employee and need suitable stress counselling or CBT. Or perhaps you need to prepare for a possible crisis in advance.

Either way, call us now on + 44 (0) 20 8954 1593 or email us at: for further information about how this Pay-As-You-Go Counselling Service can help you.

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