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Mediation and dispute resolution for conflicts

"Show Stress Who's Boss!"
by Carole Spiers

Discover 4 Easy Steps to Beat Your Stress Today!

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Executive Training: Stress Management Masterclass Suite

Discover How to Add Value to Existing Qualifications

6 Key, managers training, skillset programmes
Designed to Achieve Competitive Advantage

A unique suite of 2-day Masterclasses, providing proven skillsets that build onto Executive knowledge and improve managerial expertise in order to retain top talent, raise performance and sustain profitable growth.

1. Effective Communication    
2. Stress Management
3. Organisational Change
4. High Impact Presentations    
5. Cultural Diversity
6. Crisis Management

Delivered in person by Carole Spiers, BBC guest-broadcaster & World Authority on Executive Stress.

Carole Spiers, BBC guest-broadcaster & World Authority on Executive Stress Now regularly coaching top Executives in Dubai and the UAE with high-impact solutions that are essential to survive in a fast-paced business environment.

  • A Charismatic Motivational Speaker:
    Inspirational 45-minute Keynotes
  • Top Team Stress Management Trainer:
    Proven Stress Management Strategies and Solutions
  • High Performance Executive Coach:
    Proven Key skills and techniques for delivering success
  • Mediator:
    Crucial role of the outsider in resolving conflict

"Business in the Emirates is currently under a combination of pressures it has never seen before. In order to maximise team productivity and retain top talent, it is essential to treat management skills as a formal study thereby raising the standards for sustainable success. This Top Team executive training suite is aimed directly at this objective."
Carole Spiers, World Authority on Executive Stress

The 6 Essential executive skills programmes as delivered to Government Departments, Commercial Organisations, Industry and the Professions …

1: Communication Skills
Confident and articulate communication is an essential skill. Good inter-personal communication reduces the incidence of misunderstanding and consequent errors and enables individual employees to be more readily aligned to the vision and leadership of the organisation. It enables you to become a super effective negotiator or mediator who can also carry out such managerial tasks as appraisals and performance reviews with consummate ease.
2: Stress Management
In the high pressure working environment that is today’s business culture in the Gulf Region, where time is quite literally 'of the essence', the Senior management team need to recognise the necessity of 'pressure-proofing' themselves and retaining top talent.

Learn to identify signs and symptoms of stress, build personal and team resilience, and formulate effective stress management procedures.

Watch Carole live in London talking about the causes of stress and proven stress management solutions in industry today.

Book Carole for a high-impact Motivational presentation at your next conference or team building event. Contact us now at:
3: Organisational Change
This demands a recognition of the necessity to manage change as part of a continuous agenda. It is vitally important that employees recognize also the opportunities for personal growth in line with the expansion of the organization. We need to motivate those who are slow to adapt to change, and educate those who may be confused by it - explaining that no-change is simply a no option. Learn how to effectively manage the different reactions of those within your department.

Public speaking 4: High Impact Presentations
Public speaking causes anxiety and stage-fright in many executives. But you can overcome those nerves and let inspiration shine through, with presentations that are remembered by your audience long afterwards. You need to perform from the platform with passion thereby maximising your personal impact and presence. Learn how to think on your feet and how to feel at ease speaking either to a large audience or a small group.

5: Cultural Diversity
In the UAE, we have to address an unusually challenging set of diversity issues. Carole shows you how to 'value the difference' - demonstrating how diverse teams are in fact winning teams, and identifying 'cultural competence' as a subject for formal training. Discover how stereotyping and first impressions can make an impact to your communications.

Crisis Management 6: Crisis Management
There are times when not only the right actions but the right words can make all the difference to the outcome of a crisis, conflict or emergency - just as the wrong words may make a bad situation worse. Many managers dread having to deal with emergency situations but they are the ones who must take the initiative and take control of difficult and sometimes dangerous situations – and they will be subsequently judged on their performance.

"Your energy, experience and knowledge was greatly appreciated … the value you added was immeasurable. Your presentation was intelligent, interactive and energetic - just what we needed as the closing keynote to our Family Business Forum in Abu Dhabi." Purva Hassomal, Director, Leaders of Abu Dhabi, Family Business Forum

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