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Mediation and dispute resolution for conflicts

"Show Stress Who's Boss!"
by Carole Spiers

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Overcoming Stressors Specific to Family Businesses

Customised Coaching, Mediation, Counselling and Training Programmes
devised in close liaison with the client by CEO Carole Spiers in person

How to Manage Roles and Improve Communications Within the Family-Managed Work Environment

  • Finding the solution to long-running resentments
  • Detecting the everyday pressures that can harden into stress
  • Harmonising between different branches of the family
  • Training for effective business ownership and leadership

Among the Professional Tools and Strategies Utilised on Behalf of Blue-Chip Corporations Internationally

Carole Spiers Group Professional Tools and Strategies
  • Mediation
    Crucial role of the outsider in resolving conflict
  • Mentoring
    Supportive and advisory link between generations
  • Communication Skills
    'Active Listening' techniques to stimulate dialogue
  • Stress Management Training & Consultancy
    Proven Stress Management Strategies and Solutions
  • High Performance Executive Coaching
    Identifying the self-limiting beliefs that inhibit full potential
  • Personal Development Agenda sign up to our Stress Updates
    Encouraging a culture of empowerment and training

"I will give you an objective, neutral perspective that will enable you to identify and manage the challenges inherent in any family business context - enabling you to focus efficiently on your primary goals."
Carole Spiers, International Authority on Executive Stress

Identifying The Challenges & Providing the Solutions …

In family business, the benefits of loyalty, security and continuity can be nullified by personal conflict, resentment and control issues. Working with family all day and living with them in the community can create a claustrophobic environment which, without professional help, can lead to poor health and performance.
  • Change Management
    diplomacy At times, a business has to make crucial decisions about its future. It is critical that the whole family feels involved in this to ensure strength and unity. These times can be testing on different generations' ideas and values as they wrestle between the tried and tested and new innovations.
  • Family Diplomacy
    When different branches of the family are working under one roof, certain measues are needed to build a harmonious and effective team striving for the corporate good. Specialist guidance on respect and relationship-building in business is the subject of formal training and counselling.
  • Role Identity
    Being a relative can lead to a clash of loyalties and confusion of identities, especially over promotions, retirement, succession planning, and the necessary adapting of patriarchal traditions. You can ease these tensions by working towards clear roles and responsibilities with effective verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Being a Good Owner
    Proprietorship is a more active and demanding role than it may look. It requires high credibility and tact, for successful partnerships with other professionals, both within the family circle and beyond it. To measure up to it, candidiates need personal development training, in order to master the essential boardroom skills such as reading a situation, managing people, facilitating a meeting and efficient time allocation.
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