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Mediation and dispute resolution for conflicts

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Workplace Mediation and Conflict resolution

Disputes and conflict in the workplace cost industry heavily each year due to poor performance, increased absenteeism and low productivity.

Whether you are a Manager of a large department or an HR Manager of a medium or small sized consultancy, conflict in the workplace can cost your organisation dearly.

Conflict within the workplace can arise for many reasons: e.g bullying or intimidation, perceived discrimination, jealousy over a promotion, incompatible personalities or ambiguous instructions or targets. Whatever the issue, conflict management and/or mediation is a quick, pain-free and cost effective way of resolving issues.

Workplace mediation has emerged as one of the most effective ways of resolving conflict and disputes and improving working relationships between individuals and groups.

Dispute resolution service What are the benefits of our Dispute resolution service for you?

Conflict resolution and Mediation offer an inexpensive alternative to resolving a conflict or dispute before either a valuable employee leaves or a settlement or legal action becomes the only way forward.

The Conflict Resolution Process

Conflict mediation is a non-adversarial process in which a neutral, specially trained professional mediator assists two or more parties to talk through their situation, exchange their concerns and generate ideas about how to move the conflict or relationship forward to reach a mutually agreeable understanding and eventual resolution.

Our 6-stage Process to Ensure that Workplace Mediation Can Work for You

In each unique situation, we would assign an experienced mediator who would:

  1. Be briefed by the parties concerned
  2. Would discuss the situation individually with each party
  3. Enter into a group mediation session with all parties
  4. Find an acceptable method to resolve the dispute
  5. Arrange for a formal agreement
  6. Carry out a follow-up session after 7-14 days

Our workplace mediation process is a proven, quick, simple, reliable and cost-effective way of resolving your workplace conflict issues.

Workplace Mediation in Action!


Setting the Scene: Private sector organisation. Technical workforce. High incidence of remote working. Unhealthy workplace culture.

Two senior Managers John Beldon and Bill Lever had become so polarised with their views of each other that it was affecting their working relationship and impacting on everyone else in their teams. Both of them manage teams of over 100 + employees.

Action: Two separate mediation sessions with each individual, with two weeks apart to allow for reflection and possible change in perception. Frustrations and grievances were aired and skills and strategies suggested and talked through as to their merit.

Facilitated Group mediation between both parties with new understanding and perspectives. All grievances were shared openly and worked through. Agreement was reached and way forward decided upon.

Outcome: Two months later, John and Bill have come to terms with their differences and accept that although they will never be intimate friends, they are now able to respect each other and have a workable business relationship. Performance and productivity has increased in both of their teams as a result of the intervention and this benefitted the company in terms of increased performance and productivity.

Contact us if you need mediation and/or dispute resolution for a conflict that you can see getting out of hand and which you need to resolve quickly and effectively.

Our Executive Conflict Resolution Coaching Programme

Contact us if you are a management executive who is uncomfortable managing conflict in the workplace and finds it difficult to retain personnel in your team.

Your Next Step: Contact us on +44 (0)20 8954 1593 or by email at: for a FREE consultation to discuss mediation and conflict resolution.

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