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"Show Stress Who's Boss!"
by Carole Spiers

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'The Silent Scream'

Coping with short and long-term effects of trauma

By International Stress Guru Carole Spiers author of Tolley's 'Managing stress in the Workplace' - the professional bible of stress management

  • Defining trauma and diagnosing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Treating the physical, mental and behavioural symptoms of PTSD
  • Seeking professional help and building up your support network
Downloadable e-book

Now you can choose how to use this latest anti-stress manual by the UK's No1 expert Carole Spiers.

Either download and printout for your own use.

Or you can order it in the form of a handy pocket manual that can be overprinted in your corporate livery. Perfect for any conferences, seminars, lectures or training courses - please contact us on +44 (0) 20 8954 1593 or by email at: for further details.

Important Aspects of Post-Trauma

Covered In Your New Pocket Manual

The Many Causes of Trauma
From earthquakes and floods to overwork or intruders in the home

Patterns of mental turbulence
Charting the known ripple-effects: Disturbance, Reaction and Return

Long and short term symptoms
Fear, anger, guilt, helplessness - and many related physical effects too

First-hand case histories
Successes and failures in handling relationships after a traumatic incident

A doctor's insight
Trauma as a testing stage in life's journey - by a consultant paediatrician

Coping with the Pain of Post-Traumatic Stress

A little known world of irrational responses and revisitations

Post-trauma is still a much-unknown state of mind, with its deeply irrational side-effects that defeat logical analysis, either by the sufferer or by the helper.

Now stress-guru Carole Spiers separates-out the two main categories of symptom. The immediate first-aid and psychological debriefing. And the longer-term ripple effects - defined as Disturbance, Reaction, Return - which may afflict everyone involved in a traumatic incident, whether victim, perpertrator or witness, and which may have been thought unconnected with the incident, perhaps for years.

Carole is uniquely equipped to advise you on suitable therapies for this widesperead condition, as supplier of post trauma stress training courses for blue-chip clients for twenty years.

Another of Carole's popular series of CSG pocket manuals for HR and OH Advisors, Health & Safety, Counsellors, Consultants, Trainers, or anyone in an employee support role.

'We give this pocket manual to all of our counselling team and it really helps them to fully appreciate the impact of crisis and trauma. They now have more tools to do the job.'

Amanda Hilder, Employee Counselling Resource

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The Silent Scream 'The Silent Scream'
e-book £5.00
Coping with short and long-term effects of trauma

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