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by Carole Spiers

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Want to Market a Business for 0.00?

Turn Your Passion Into Profit with Effective Marketing Solutions

Are you looking for marketing solutions and new ways to promote your business?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or overworked small business owner?

If you fall into either of these categories then this 'Marketing Solutions' book is just right for you. Find out how to market your business effectively with limited resources now!

Discover the hard, practical ways to promote your business that will help you multiply your income on a 0.00 budget whilst offering you the marketing strategies, skills, tools and techniques that will transform your dreams of success and wealth into reality.

As an Entrepreneur, Would You Like to Know How to Market Your Business Successfully?

Would you like to find the key to success to:

  • Multiplying your income?~Dollar Pound
  • Making money while you sleep?
  • Developing a product range?
  • Broadcasting your way to visibility and credibility?
  • Managing your clients and building a business at the same time?
  • Using business marketing on line to steer traffic to your website through social networking?
  • Learning how to make money from Social Media with blogs, podcasts, Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter?

If you can answer 'yes' to these questions, then 'Turn Your Passion into Profit', written by Carole Spiers, Entrepreneur and CEO of Carole Spiers Group, will provide the marketing solutions you need.

This book has inspired and motivated thousands of people who wish to have the marketing edge over their competitors and grow their business on a 0.00 budget. Not possible yes it is!

"Turn Your Passion Into Profit" is a popular business marketing solutions book that is specifically designed for every business person whether you are an independent practitioner, sole trader or SME marketing executive.

What has been said about this book

"After reading Carole's book, Turn your Passion into Profit', I have doubled my income. I have to say I was sceptical at first, but after reading the first few pages, I could see that the tools that Carole wrote about were going to make a difference to my business. They were very simple but I had not thought of them and now I am reaping the benefits and financial rewards. I can't thank you enough and would recommend the book to anyone who wants to multiply their income"
- Mark Stone, CEO, Stone Associates.

Marketing Solutions

This sought-after small business marketing solutions book provides tools, strategies and marketing solutions you can use instantly!

  • Successfully brand your product/ service so it becomes a household name
  • Develop your product range and create a passive income
  • Web Marketing that will make your phone ring
  • Publicity and Promotion to have the marketing edge over your competitors
  • Discover the rewards of Social networking to make national and international connections
  • Be called upon by Press, Radio and TV for expert comment

It's really true! Promoting your business on a 0.00 marketing budget is only one step away from you.

Download "Turn your Passion into Profit" table of contents here, before you buy the book.

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You have the key to success.

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Need to Market a Business? We can help!

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