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Mediation and dispute resolution for conflicts

"Show Stress Who's Boss!"
by Carole Spiers

Discover 4 Easy Steps to Beat Your Stress Today!

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'Discover The 20 Secrets To A Stress-Free Year!'

Imagine a year without Stress!

Then read this e-book, and see how easily you can combat
those everyday pressures that put you in a stressful state.

You'll never get rid of stress. But you can learn to handle it, get it under control, and stop it from making misery for you and your family.

One good way to start is with this simple but useful little e-book by stress-guru Carole Spiers, author of many major professional works on stress, now offering you her wisdom in the form of a short, digestible e-volume.

Run your eye down this list. If any if these everyday stressors sound familiar to you, read Carole's e-book now.

Seasonal stress-points

  • Holidays & travel
    Hurry-up-&-wait, screaming kids, disrupted schedules, fear of flying
  • Exam time
    Young people's introduction to the stress of hard work & high expectation
  • Winter blues
    Dark days, dark moods, and the temptation to hide away and hibernate

All-year pressures too

  • Commuting
    Those delays will happen. Don't let them win. Use your time creatively
  • New hi-tech crimes
    Identity Fraud - terrifying, yet easily prevented with a few precautions
  • No time for anything
    'How I used to enjoy …' Stop and re-think exactly what's stopping you
Take Carole's respected advice on anti-stress measures as simple as maintaining your fluid-intake, keeping a stress-diary, or making thoughtful plans for Valentine's Day.

You'll see the difference before the year is much older!

"I was amazed at how much better I've been able to cope with situations I used to think were a real headache! I've never been that great at planning, and used to let things I was worried about get completely on top of me. But now I've read 'Discover The Secrets To A Stress-free Year' and I can plan my life better and take control of everyday hassles - rather than letting them take control of me!" Colin Dale, CEO, BiodUK.

So tackle those everyday Pressures before they turn to Stress

A little book to keep near you all year - so you can make this
the first stress-free year of your life.

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Imagine a year without Stress! 'Discover The 20 Secrets To A Stress-Free Year!'
e-book £5.00
Imagine a year without Stress!

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