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You Need the Specialist Expertise of Carole Spiers,
BBC guest-broadcaster and World Authority On Executive Stress.

Carole Spiers BBC guest-broadcaster and World Authority On Executive Stress Now Regularly Servicing Dubai and UAE Business in Person with High Impact Stress Management Services for the Fast-paced UAE Environment.

  • Charismatic Motivational Speaker: Inspirational, 45 minute action-orientated Keynotes
  • Top Team Stress Management Trainer: Proven Stress Management Strategies and Solutions
  • High Performance Executive Coach: Key skills and techniques for delivering success
  • Mediator: Crucial role of the outsider in resolving conflict

"You've heard often enough that businesses can grow through their people. But your view of those people may need refreshing. Vast changes in personnel management are blowing this way from the West. Let me prepare you now for the new culture of high expectation and high achievement that I've been monitoring - and partly helping to generate - for twenty years." Carole Spiers, World Authority on Executive Stress

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Get the benefit of the UK's No.1 consultant on Stress Management & Employee Wellbeing, Motivational Speaker, Expert Witness to UK courts, author of Tolley's 'Managing Stress in the Workplace' and CEO of her own international group at the service of blue-chip business.

In growing demand in the Gulf, to focus her global experience on the problems of UAE.

Organisational Change
Growth is change. The huge commercial expansion of UAE demands a recognition of change management as a year-round corporate agenda. Carole focuses specialist expertise on change, as it affects different groups at all levels. Based on experience of the fast-changing UK scene. Providing vital insights into both the dynamics and the psychology of organisations on the move. Motivating those who will profit from it. Empathising with those disoriented by it. And explaining that no-change is simply no option.

Stress Management
stress management No-one can boast such a profound grasp of stress management. Carole has tackled workplace stressors across a vast range of organisations, pinpointing issues that are starting to bulk-up in the Gulf. The absenteeism that goes with low morale. The many forms of bullying and harassment. How pressure can erupt in sudden violence. The complex world of Post Traumatic Stress and the correct handling of shock victims. You need professional interventions, informed by international expertise.

Communication Skills
Business is increasingly communication-led, and articulacy is a prime workplace asset. Carole has undertaken a wide-ranging study of communication skills, from body-language to mediation, where a single word may be enough to restart broken-down talks. Even simple questions fall into several distinct classes, while the art of Active Listening (stimulating dialogue through minimal speech or gesture) plays a key role in difficult investigations or interviews.

fire Crisis Intervention
Whether you're in the oil and gas industry, with its more-obvious accident risks, or in another field where incidents may inflict just as much emotional damage, you need professional trauma management for your teams, both long and short-term. There is no substitute for specialist training, Debriefing and counselling by experts.

As the world’s new commercial crossroads, the UAE business community has to address an unusually challenging set of diversity issues, and there are big rewards for those who handle them with sensitivity. Carole can help you demonstrate how diverse teams are winning teams that generate better ideas. And also negotiate the teething troubles that go with the mixing of groups. Perceiving the obstacles to inclusiveness. And viewing 'cultural competence' as a subject for formal training.

empowerment The developing of talent within a culture of universal respect is a major theme in today's business, both for commercial and ethical reasons. Carole has made a speciality of promoting workplace Empowerment through the most popular motivational speeches of their kind anywhere. These have drawn valuable attention to her specialist coaching and training courses, where blue-chip organisations constantly come back for more tuition and guidance on this all-important topic.

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