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"Show Stress Who's Boss!"
by Carole Spiers

Discover 4 Easy Steps to Beat Your Stress Today!

stress-test-card Test your Stress Levels with our Stress Test Card now!

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Test your Personal Stress Levels

Stress Test Cards

CHEAP Enough To Hand Out free - Perfect Training Aid - A Good Way Of Breaking The Ice At Seminars.

The Business Card that is Never Thrown Away!

Stress Test Cards
Get an instant readout of your personal stress levels with these tiny liquid crystals that change colour according to your body temperature. Just hold your thumb on the pad for 10 seconds and the readout will indicate the degree of muscle tension leading to constricted blood supply.

These stress test cards carry the address of the CSG website, where you can find detailed advice about all forms of personal stress management and stress management products.

Customised Branding A Speciality - The Custom Business Card That's Never Thrown Away!
Why not brand these popular stress testing health indicator cards with your own logo and details and create a custom business card, as demanded by many of our blue-chip clients? Stress test cards are a firm favourite at exhibitions and promotions, where you could make a big corporate impact. Let us know how many you would like to buy and we will send you back a quote by return.

Measuring Stress Levels By Temperature

Measuring Stress Levels By Temperature Test if You're Stressed Pads in strips of 50 - £14.75  

Did you know that your hand-temperature reveals your stress level? Quite simply, tension restricts blood-flow to the extremities, and causes a drop in temperature. (Try touching your neck, to see.)

Warm Hands Indicate Relaxation - Cold Hands Reflect Tension

Here's what just one of our valued customers had to say about our custom business card:

"I just had to write to tell you that we've just secured a huge contract thanks to your tiny Stress Test card - truly the gift that isn't a gimmick. If you want evidence that this item never gets thrown away, quote me on this. That client came back to me after three years for some more training modules, because the Stress Test card was still in his wallet after all that time. That's what I call a subtle reminder - perhaps a unique marketing medium. Thank you, Carole Spiers Group." Jenny Saunders, Marketing Director

Contact Sam Turner NOW on +44 (0) 20 8954 1593 or by email at: for details of quantity prices and discounts.

This little chart gives a reliable guide to your stress levels:
Below 79 Chronic tension
79-84 Nervous
84-90 Alert and Active
90-95 Calm
Above 95 Deeply relaxed
Black 790 tense
Red 840 nervous
Green 870 calm
Blue 910 relaxed
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NEW! Stress Mood Cards - The Business Card that is never thrown away!

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