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Mediation and dispute resolution for conflicts

"Show Stress Who's Boss!"
by Carole Spiers

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'Resilience' is the new buzzword for the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or other 'stressors'. It's how we 'bounce back' from difficult situations. And fortunately resilience isn't a characteristic that we either do or don't have. It involves behaviours, thoughts and actions that can be learned and developed … more

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  • "Discover how to become a better listener"
  • "Absent without leave"
  • "The human side of change management"
  • "Conquering family business pressure"
  • "Culture is everything"
  • "Show stress who's boss!"
  • "The DNA of a healthy workplace culture"
  • "Taking the lid off workplace bullying"
  • "All the rage"
  • "How to prevent email overload"
  • "Find out how to manage your own day"
  • "Learn how to become more resilient"
  • "Setting out your stall"
  • "The secrets to manage the stress of working from home"
  • "They all want a bit of me"
  • "Psychosocial Care for people affected by major incidents, disaster and other traumatic events"
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