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"Show Stress Who's Boss!"
by Carole Spiers

Discover 4 Easy Steps to Beat Your Stress Today!

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The Essential Guide to Stress Management

Tolley's 'Managing Stress in the Workplace' by Carole Spiers

A comprehensive handbook offering help with stress at work written specifically for HR professionals, Managers, Health & Safety Personnel and Occupational Health Advisors

  • Are you an HR Manager needing to know how to manage workplace bullying or intimidation?
  • Are you a company going through organisational change and need strategies to help you manage stress?
  • Do you have to deal with accidents at work and need to know how to manage post trauma reactions?
  • Do you need to identify and manage stress at work and need help with proven stress reduction strategies?
  • Is work stress costing you your top talent?
Written by Carole Spiers, World Authority on Workplace Stress Management, VP of the International Stress Management Association[UK], and an Expert Witness before the UK Courts.

This book is all you need to gain in-depth specialist knowledge of
the causes of stress and workplace stress management.

Find Out What's Inside 'Managing Stress in the Workplace'

10 Key Chapters to help you manage stress effectively in your organisation today:

    Tolley's 'Managing Stress in the Workplace'
  1. UK Legislation and the Employer
  2. The Health and Safety framework
  3. Work stress and its relationship to pressure
  4. The legal and cost implications on the organisation
  5. Identifying the current causes of stress and its effects
  6. Overcoming workplace bullying and violence at work
  7. Post-traumatic stress after a critical incident
  8. Stress and personal health issues
  9. Individual stress management strategies
  10. Developing and maintaining a healthy organisation
'Managing Stress in the Workplace' is a best-selling handbook that will help you to understand the causes of stress and gain valuable knowledge about stress management strategies and prevention techniques.

This user-friendly book is specifically designed to meet the needs of managers and HR professionals. Within its pages, you will discover innovative checklist templates, 7 step-by-step strategies, 10 key tools and techniques, best practise recommendations and key case studies throughout, as well as invaluable HSE guidance.

View the book contents.

The Essential Professional's Guide to Stress Management

"I wrote this book to fill a large gap" says Carole Spiers, World Authority on Workplace Stress. "You've seen the encyclopedic tomes on the one hand, and the lightweight self-help guides on the other. This handbook is for the growing numbers who need in-depth advice on workplace stress in a digestible form, with the really important issues of absenteeism, harassment, post-trauma etc. - easily referenced, with easily read diagrams and checklists to provide helpful overviews.

This Is That Book. You could call it a practical toolkit offering key stress management interventions for individuals or organisations set in the context of business life. I have been very pleased indeed to have received many appreciative letters confirming that managers and HR professionals have found the book useful in just this way, in the short time it has been available."

Read What Is Being Said About it:

"… This book is a must for any Health and Safety Professional who needs guidance in the management of stress in the Workplace. The Key learning Points at the end of each section and the use of case studies I found very helpful in dealing with this complex subject …"
(Peter Callistan MIOSH,RSP FRSH, Group Health Safety and Environmental Manager, Carclo Technical Plastics)

"… I expect that this will be compulsory reading for all HR managers and directors, as well as company secretaries and business managers with responsibilities for people." (Personnel Today)

" I would strongly recommend that this title sit on any manager's bookshelf. The book is so comprehensive I would expect to draw upon its wisdom over and over again I would direct anybody involved in call centres to go straight to chapter ten 'developing and maintaining a healthy organisation' …" (Call Centre Focus)

… An excellent book, on an area which is of increasing concern to employers and employees alike. It combines good technical material with many practical examples, which differentiates it from most other books on the subject. Highly recommended to all professionals and those who have a passing involvement in stress management. The breadth of interest in the topic was amply demonstrated when I last visited the British Library, where the security official in the Social Science reading room keenly recorded details of the text!" (Graham Williams)

" As a freelance writer & editor, it has been a privilege to work alongside the Carole Spiers Group during its last hectic twelve months of expansion in international markets. Like other professionals, I am happiest working with successful companies and CSG is certainly one of those!"
Michael Halpern -


Tolleys managing Stress in the WorkplaceTolley's 'Managing Stress in the Workplace'
by Carole Spiers £62.50
Comprehensive Bible for Managers, Health & Safety, Personnel and Occupational Health Advisors.

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