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Post Traumatic Stress
Debriefing Following Violence,
Abuse and Accidents at Work

Does Your Organisation Have Trauma Support Available for Your Employees?

Workplace accidents, unprovoked violence and assaults can occur at any time. Armed raids are common in the retail trade, man-made or natural disasters happen when we least expect them and employees do die in service. Whatever the cause, the effects of a critical incident can and does have a devastating and traumatic effect on the individual concerned and those around them.
  • Do you have staff that are absent following an accident at work?
  • Has your shop or store experienced the effects of an armed raid?
  • Has there been a serious traumatic incident in your organisation?
  • Do your staff have to face increasing violence and abuse from customers?
  • Could you cope with the sudden death of a valued colleague within the team?

Carole Spiers Group has a nationwide team of experienced ptsd counsellors and trauma debriefers ready to support you and your organisation when you have to deal with that unexpected death at work, accident or violent incident.

Employees off Sick After an Accident or Suffering From Post Trauma?

download our Pay-as-you-go employee counselling service sheet Download our Pay-as-You-Go Employee Counselling Service Sheet for Post Trauma support, Bereavement and Suicide counselling, Death at Work Debriefing, Redundancy.

Post Traumatic Stress debriefing and ptsd -trauma support is an essential part of crisis management in the aftermath of a workplace accident, violence towards staff, critical incident, or death at work.

Psychosocial Care and Psychological First Aid Critical IncidentOrganisations have a legal duty of care to their employees, and you must ensure that post trauma support is given to those who have experienced or witnessed a critical incident at work. Many organisations don't know how to handle a violent incident / workplace accident or manage post traumatic stress.

The right interventions may not be in place, and staff may be ill-equipped to handle a major Psychological First Aid debriefing exercise. Some just ignore the situation and then end up with absenteeism, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and low productivity.

Psychological First Aid [Critical Incident] Solutions to Support your Organisation

Psychosocial Care and Psychological First Aid Critical Incident

The Carole Spiers Group (CSG) has over 20 years experience of managing critical incidents and post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd), from war casualties to survivors of industrial disasters and personal accidents. Our nationwide team of responders, counsellors and consultants will work closely with you to minimise the pain and suffering of traumatic stress. They know the right support you need and will take your employees from trauma to recovery. CSG takes care to be at the cutting edge of evidence-based support following traumatic incidents and our post-trauma services comply fully with the latest guidelines issued by the Department of Health in 2009.

Our Client List Includes:

Banks, Bookmakers, Building Societies, Security and Cash handing companies, Department Stores, Supermarket chains where there is money involved and Emergency services e.g. fire, police, ambulance where there is high risk of violence, abuse, accidents and traumatic stress.

Case Studies from Industry include:
  • Suicide at work
  • High street store raid
  • Road traffic accident
  • Violence at work
  • Oil platform accident
  • Assault or rape
  • Sudden death
  • Fire
Don't Leave it too Late to Seek Post trauma Support
Too Busy to Prepare a Post Trauma Support Training Programme?

The Complete What-why-when of Pressure & Stress Download the CSG Post Trauma trainer toolkit - Powerpoint, workbook, pocket manual - for effective in-house presentations and training courses.

Don't leave it too late to seek Post Trauma Support

With over 20 years experience in the field of post trauma, we are ideally positioned to supply you with the specialist Post Trauma Psychological First Aid as and when you need it. Critical Incident Management is never easy so let CSG take you through this process and ensure you know exactly how to help and support your staff in the event of a crisis.

Speak to Carole Spiers personally or a member of the CSG team for a FREE Consultation on +44 (0) 20 8954 1593 and let us guide you in the right direction.

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