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"Workplace Bullying Management Training and Conflict Resolution."

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»  Are you an HR Officer investigating a case of workplace bullying ?

»  Do you need conflict resolution services to resolve workplace bullying issues?

»  Are you a manager trying to manage a case of workplace bullying and harassment?

»  Are you looking for a workplace bullying management training course?

Conflict resolution and workplace bullying management training can help you create a healthy workplace culture.

Workplace bullying and harassment can seriously harm your business.

You may be unaware of some of the practises in your organisation that could be regarded as workplace bullying. A workplace bully may be your manager or a co-worker and the act of bullying may be as simple as 'sending a team member to Coventry' or it may be a more covert act of cyber bullying. Managers who intimidate staff with offensive words and actions and workers who make a manager's job impossible may well benefit from bullying awareness training and / or specialist coaching so ensuring that employers meet their Duty of Care to their employees and workplace bullying and harassment does not become endemic in the organisation.

Tackling these issues in particular cyber bullying- is not as daunting as it may first seem and Carole Spiers Group (CSG) has a range of cost effective interventions to support you.

Conflict resolution and Bespoke Workplace Bullying and Harassment Management Training available from CSG

With the help of CSG, trainers, counsellors and consultants, you can effectively raise awareness on workplace bullying and harassment issues, train key personnel in anti-bullying strategies and enable them to manage incidences effectively and provide support for victims ensuring that that are rehabilitated to work speedily and effectively. All our anti bullying training will be customised to incorporate details of your bullying and harassment policy and reflect the desired culture of your organisation.

Call us today on +44 (0)20 8954 1593 or email: for a FREE, confidential consultation so that we can help you make the right choice.

Back Off!Download our Free Special Report

There is still a conspiracy of silence surrounding incidents of bullying as people are reluctant to speak up. Download Carole Spiers' latest Special Report - 'The Conspiracy of Silence'.

Please contact to receive this Special Report and put Special Report in the subject line.

Back Off!Download our Bullying Survey

Download the latest worldwide Workplace Bullying Survey sponsored by Executive Secretary Magazine with an introduction and recommendations from Carole Spiers.

Please contact to receive this Bullying Survey and put Bullying Survey in the subject line.

Workplace Bullying Boardroom / Senior Management Anti Bullying Briefing

Carole Spiers, Expert Witness to the UK Courts on Workplace bullying and International Authority on Corporate Stress, will explain exactly why your organization needs to take the issue of workplace bullying and harassment seriously. She will give examples of case law where individuals have successfully gained compensation from employers following instances of workplace bullying and harassment. She will demonstrate how bullying awareness and early conflict resolution can save your organization thousands of pounds and ensure that workplace bullying and harassment does not get in the way of sustained success.

Contact Carole directly for advice on workplace bullying issues at:

Conflict resolution delivered by our Nationwide Employee Counselling Service and
Management Coaching Team

Early intervention with conflict resolution and remedial coaching solutions are crucial where Workplace Bullying and Harassment has been reported or identified. For the last 20 years, CSG's nationwide network of employee counsellors, coaches and mediators has provided specialist employee coaching, counselling and mediation for the victims and perpetrators of Workplace Bullying and Harassment. You can call CSG any time and gain immediate access to our nationwide network of counsellors.

Call us today on +44 (0)20 8954 1593 or email: for a FREE, confidential consultation so that we can help you make the right choice.

Workplace Bullying Training programmes and train the trainer toolkit available for you to download today

Whether you're a specialist running the HR department, or whether you're a general manager, you'll benefit from this one-stop workplace bullying and harassment training pack with PowerPoint slides and downloadable manual.

This user friendly Train the Trainer toolkit takes a detailed look at Workplace Bullying and sets out a clear overview of the causes, symptoms and techniques to implement to defuse unacceptable behaviour.

Incorporated in this programme are case-studies and quotes by victims and details of the correct procedures for monitoring bullying and harassment situations. With special do's and don'ts when dealing with sensitive areas like sexual harassment, this toolkit is an invaluable training package.

Even if you've never analysed workplace bullying and harassment before, you'll soon acquire a workable knowledge of this important subject, with the help of easy-to-understand charts, diagrams and listings written with the authority of a leading international consultant on bullying and harassment.

Back Off!'Back Off!' Managing Workplace Bullying and Harassment
Train the Trainer Toolkit and Powerpoint Slides £350.00
Intervening to deter unacceptable behaviours

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Workplace Bullying and Harassment Solutions from CSG

Achieve a better atmosphere around your workplace call CSG today on +44 (0) 20 8954 1593, or email us at:
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