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Online 60-mins Stress Management Programme for Leaders
'How To Build Resilience in the New World of Work'

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3 Proven Solutions Offered by Our Programme

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Today's Leadership Challenge

The pandemic has forced the business world to embrace an entirely new vision of its daily routines. Change Management is suddenly the key priority, and the pressures on leaders and employees are at an unprecedented high.

Resilience alone will ensure your survival and success in the new world of work.

Where hybrid working is now here to stay in many organisations, leaders need to be flexible, agile and adaptable.

Let international stress expert Carole Spiers set out the guidelines for you – in her online programme.

"How to Build Resilience in the New World of Work"

Your video presentation, or an interactive webinar that enables your team to ask questions and receive valuable free consultancy as part of the package.

Leading the Way Into the New Way of Working ...

You’re a leader and role model, ready to inspire your team to find better solutions in a new spirit of creative change management. The pandemic has forced you to adapt and you know you need to maintain a duty of care to your employees in order for your business to survive. You need this presentation.

Choice of Programme Format

Broadcast-quality presentation by stress expert Carole Spiers.

In your choice of formats:

  • We will send you a video for you to show to any group, any time (60 mins.)
  • Interactive Zoom webinar, arranged when convenient to you (90 mins.)

Programme Objectives:

  • Identify ways to recognise anxiety and excessive pressure
  • Deliver skills to build personal resilience and reduce stress
  • Tools to support employee mental health and wellbeing
  • Learn the importance of being agile, flexible and adaptable
  • Develop a plan to manage the new world of work

Programme Outline

Those daunting issues – the need to prioritise

  • Working alone: Learn to thrive under pressure
  • Re-entry anxiety: fear factor / returning to the workplace
  • Job security: simply impossible to guarantee

Remote and hybrid working – it’s here to stay

  • Coming out of your comfort zone: having the right mindset
  • Managing what is in your control and keeping a sense of purpose
  • Maintaining a healthy home/work balance, avoiding screen fatigue

Stop everyday pressures from turning into stress

  • Importance of good mental health and wellbeing
  • How better Time Management can ease the strain
  • Encourage mental toughness to avoid burnout

How your delegates will benefit - instantly

  • Strategies – to achieve and maintain a healthy workstyle
  • Attitude – of personal responsibility for your mental wellbeing
  • Foresight – coping with the unexpected, and visualising tomorrow

By the end of this presentation, you’ll be a lot closer to understanding the prime challenge of our time.

What's Being Said About Our Presentation

“Everyone who I’ve spoken to that attended found it really insightful, engaging and has definitely got them thinking about ways they can implement these useful tips in their day-to-day.”

Alicia ORegan, PA to Matt Gough, Innovation Director

This motivational programme is not only designed for insight but also for effective action. It can be delivered as a Video presentation or interactive Webinar.