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Carole Spiers

CEO /Founder CSG

CEO and Founder of CSG. Carole is recognised as a world leading authority on wellbeing and stress at work. She is the media’s first choice for comment on workplace stress issues and best-selling author of Tolley’s ‘Managing Stress in the orkplace’ and ‘Show Stress Who’s Boss!’ Carole’s focus is on developing a healthy workplace culture through the successful management of stress and organisational change – all of which is underpinned by a compelling philosophy reinforced by her own xperience as an Expert Witness before the UK Courts.

Carole’s charismatic style of combining inspiration with insight has made her a sought-after international keynote speaker working with equal success in the UK, Europe and the Gulf region.

She is Chair of International Stress Management Association (ISMA) UK , (a charity and professional association) and founder of National Stress Awareness Day.

Carole is a Fellow and Past President of the Professional Speaking Association, London.

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