Spot triggers and issues before they happen

By Introducing Mindfulness Masterclasses, Wellbeing Programmes or Resilience Workshops


We offer tools and strategies for senior teams dealing with work related stress. This stress often overflows into their personal lives, affecting their relationships with family and friends. This lack of emotional support at home causes more stress, becoming a vicious cycle that is difficult to break. CSG works to help reduce the original cause, their stress at work. The other areas improve naturally when this main stressor is gone.

Leadership teams and CEOs affect many parts of your business, and the lower their stress level, the more focused they will be. We help them understand that stress is not only a productivity issue, but a health and safety issue as well – for them, and for their teams. Being at ease will give them a strong competitive advantage.

Benefit from our 30 years’ experience and we’ll provide the right solution for your business.

Busy managers also endure a large amount of stress. This programme allows them to understand what is causing the stress, and helps them find solutions to eliminate it. They learn to identify stress in employees and support them when needed, building a healthy and strong company culture.

We also work with employees to help develop strong, resilient teams. We help them identify the warning signs of work stress, and show them ways to cope using proven stress reduction techniques. This allows them to cope with any existing or new business demands.

When your executive team, managers and employees all have the awareness and resources they need to identify and stop stress in its tracks, your company is on its way to achieving success!

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