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Support your Employees’ Physical and Mental Health to Cope with Workplace Pressure through our Health and Wellbeing Programmes.


Our Counselling Service Focuses on Helping Employees Overcome Traumatic Incidents and Bounce Back Faster Through Personalised Counselling Support.


Our Executive Coaching is designed to help Foster New Ideas, Increase Retention and Develop a Healthy Workplace Culture from top to bottom.


Stress Awareness and Mindfulness Workshops for all Employees to Build Personal Resilience and Enhance Performance.

What do we do?


Increase Performance & Productivity

CSG is dedicated to working with companies just like yours to reduce employee turnover, manage change and decrease stress at all levels. Our key interventions have led to increased profitability and saved millions for their clients around the world.


Retain Competitive Advantage

Our experience shows us that in order for a business to grow, it is important to be aware of the challenges that employees face . We are committed to the wider health & wellbeing agenda which nurtures top performers and retains top talent for the future success of an organisation.


The Mental Shift on Mental Health

The Stigma

For some, there is still a stigma attached to experiencing poor mental health and it is important to change our way of thinking to one that recognises the need for mental and emotional support at all levels.

Our mental health is just as important as our physical well-being but not everyone recognises that this is the case. CSG fully endorses the campaign of ending the stigma of mental ill-health and discrimination. We support the commitment of organisations to encourage employees to speak up and speak out about stress-related issues.

When employees spend the vast majority of their lives in their offices, it’s our duty to help ensure that working environments are designed to foster positive wellbeing.

The Evidence

Evidence has proven that improving the mental health of your employees can have a direct impact on improving sickness levels, staff retention rates, morale, engagement levels, the ability to attract top talent, and the bottom line of your business.

The Cost

Sickness absence costs the UK economy over £14bn per year, £554 per employee [HSE]. Can your organisation afford to ignore employee wellbeing; risking increased absenteeism, poor performance, low morale and higher costs? Poor mental health costs UK employers £39.9 billion each year [Centre for Mental Health]. Don’t let it cost you.

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