Brief Glimpses of CSG Insight

A few short clips from our year-round presentations and broadcasts.

BBC News – International Stress Awareness Week 2019

On 6th November 2019, BBC News interviewed Carole about International Stress Awareness Week 2019 BBC News London

London Live – International Stress Awareness Week 2019

On 6th November 2019, Carole spoke with London Live about recognising the symptoms of stress and identifying critical signs.  London Live

Sky News – International Stress Awareness Week 2019

On 3rd November 2019, Carole spoke with the team at Sky News regarding ISAW 2019 and gave some tips on identifying and managing stress.  Sky News London

Courtesy Costs Nothing

Reducing workplace stress through simple common decency and good manners – so easy when you think of it. So think of it.  On Platform in London

Technology – Friend or Master?

Does Hi-tech cause Hi-stress? Not if you keep your connectivity under control. Then you can enjoy the blessings of a flexible day’s work.  BBC World TV

Stress – the Warning Signs

Pressure can sometimes be good for you. Stress never. A stress expert offers you perhaps the most user-friendly lifestyle guide ever.  Studio One TV – Dubai

Think Before You ‘Send’

Cyber bullying. Hurtful emails you can’t retract. Yet so often unintended. Score points in business with today’s e-messaging etiquette.  Studio One TV – Dubai

Managing Those Longer Hours

Long hours are with us. Combat the pressures with a healthy corporate culture. Work hard. But don’t feel guilty about relaxation – and fun.  LBC Talk Radio

Aspiration v. Envy

Wanting more is OK. Trying to live other people’s lives isn’t. Taking up the old debate over whether money buys happiness.  BBC Working Lunch TV

Stress and Youth

Starting work – only to find new pressures piling up every day. Even at a young age, you need to manage stress.  BBC Business – London Stock Exchange

Tough at the Top

The stress of high office, with round-the-clock responsibilities. Don’t ignore the warning signals that your body is trying to make.  BBC 1 – Breakfast News

Inspiration – the Best Motivation

How to extract more from your team without pressuring. Inspire them to love their job and look forward to their work.  Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Our Rude Society

Kids think they can get away with anything, thanks to bad examples in the home and at school. But simple, accessible solutions are there.  LBC Talk Radio

Controlling Road Rage

A clash of hormones A build-up of adrenaline. A loss of temper. But you can take responsibility for your emotions behind the wheel.  BBC – London Today

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