‘Growing a Healthy Workplace Culture’ – Our Mission and Purpose

A message from the Founder

When I established the business in 1987, it was my vision to ensure that the ubiquitous phrase ‘people are a company’s most valuable asset’ was central to the services that we offer our clients.

Since that time, we have worked with many clients who have seen their businesses prosper as they ensured that the physical and mental wellbeing of their workforces have been key to the growth of a healthy workplace culture.

These businesses have seen the positive results of this approach with employees wanting to come to work and feeling trusted and valued for their individual contributions. When employees believe that their employers not only care about their productivity, but also about their personal wellbeing, then they feel like a valued asset rather than just a number. They feel empowered to speak up when something isn’t right and deep connections are made within the organisation that builds company morale and enhances teamwork.

Experience shows that wherever a workplace is interested in the welfare of its workforce, they are far more productive, retain their best employees longer, attract top industry talent and maintain their competitive advantage.

Today, companies need to not only look after only the physical health of their employees, but also their mental health as well. Intimidation, bullying and excessive working hours are both damaging and often illegal. Wellbeing is a bottom line issue and if employees thrive then, in turn, so will the business.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, organisations need to create a healthy workplace culture – a place where health and mental wellbeing are put top of the business agenda and where employees at every level experience a strong sense of purpose.

‘Wellbeing is a bottom line issue and if employees thrive, then so will the business.’

– Carole Spiers

The People Behind CSG

Without the right team, we wouldn’t be able to improve the workplace experience for your business. Meet some of the experts that comprise our team.

Carole Spiers

CEO /Founder CSG

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John Perry

Wellness Consultant

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Celynn Morin

Health Practitioner

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Gerry Jackson

Trauma Consultant

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Jessica Smyrl

Stress Consultant

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Sally Desborough

Mental Health First Aid Instructor

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Prash Kotecha

Wellbeing & Conscious Leadership Consultant

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Sue Evans

Wellbeing Consultant

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We will increase your productivity

CSG can quickly recognise the challenges that executives, managers and employees in your organisation are facing.

We have four specific solutions that will not only help nurture your top performers, but will increase output company wide, such as Preventative, Reactive, Training and Awareness options.

This stems from the fact that productivity is a by-product of a happy and well-adjusted team. Fewer work days are missed, focus increases, and turnover is greatly reduced, when your staff feels valued and appreciated. Happy employees are the key to a high performing business.

If you’re ready to increase profits, reduce expenses and improve company morale on a large scale, there is no better choice than CSG.

Learn exactly how we help leaders, teams and organisations through our highly effective training and employee counselling services.

Start Advocating for Your Employees & Reap the Benefits

A business built around the wellbeing of its workforce is imperative. In a healthy workplace culture, everyone feels valued for their unique contributions. They believe their employers not only care about their productivity, but their personal wellbeing. They don’t feel like a number, but an asset. They don’t feel the need to act out, and are empowered to speak up when something isn’t right. Deep connections are made within the organisation, creating a strong company morale. A workplace such as this will be far more productive, will retain their best employees longer, and attract top industry talent. They will see less employee related incidents such as bullying, violence, or harassment. The employees will thrive, and in turn, so will the business. Employees look to management to set standards of what behaviour is acceptable in the workplace. At a minimum, any programme needs to be supported by senior management, but ideally led by them.

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