Behind The Lens with Carole and Prash

Online Training Modules That Were Broadcasted During the Pandemic


Carole and Prash confronted the human dimension of current workplace challenges – including remote working and the return to the workplace during Covid-19. Watch a selection of their 5-minute ‘tools-in-a-box’ video series that provided weekly bite-sized training modules.

“Straight talking and invaluable content”.
“Topical issues with easy to implement actions to take”
“Great tips – keep it up”
“Just used one of your tips – it worked!”

Episode 1:

Mental Health and Kindness

Kindness has been linked to an increased feeling of wellbeing and can improve your self-esteem and make you feel good resulting in a ‘Helper’s High’.

Episode 2:

Pandemic Update: Healthy Worklife balance

Maintaining a healthy-worklife balance, particularly during the pandemic, is not only important for health and relationships, but can also improve your productivity.

Episode 3:

Pandemic Update: Re-Entry Anxiety

As restrictions from Covid ease, it’s important not to push people too quickly when returning to the workplace. Some will be keen but not everyone.

Episode 4:

Pandemic Update: Furloughed Employees

How will staff who weren’t furloughed feel towards the colleagues who were when they come back to the workplace? Will they get on well together?

Episode 5:

Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever experience imposter syndrome and feel like a phony and think you might be found out as a being a fraud at any time? If you feel like this, you are not alone.

Episode 6:

Email Anxiety for Furloughed staff

It is interesting to see that almost 7 in 10 furloughed employees check their inbox while they have been laid off, despite this potentially being considered a breach of the rules.

Episode 7:

Isolation and Loneliness

Due to the pandemic, it is more difficult than ever to manage isolation and loneliness. The monotony of days in an apartment and being restricted when going out can take its toll.

Episode 8:

Email Anxiety for furloughed staff

Furloughed staff need to be kept motivated and engaged, This is a fresh challenge for HR and Managers to make sure they don’t feel as if they are out of sight and out of mind.

Episode 9:

Why Compassionate Leaders are Needed in a Crisis

The pandemic has brought about many psychological and physiological problems for team members and the compassionate leader will need to offer emotional support. Is this a trait you have?

Episode 10:

Anxiety about returning to the world after lockdown

The very thought of driving, leaving home or going back to work can be overwhelming. Some of us will look forward to this but others will need help to acclimatise.

Episode 11:

1 in 4 wants life change after lockdown

According to the Office for National Statistics, one in four people want a life change after lockdown. This includes work, relationships and where they live. So what about you? Are you ready for change?

Episode 12:

Bridging the Generation Gap

We know that there isn’t always the empathy from someone of the younger generation to those of the older generation. And of course, vice versa. So we are seeing a cross generation divide.

Episode 13:

The Unspoken Pressure Cooker

Being in lockdown has taken its toll. We have had to bottle up our emotions. These feelings have all been supressed and at some point there were going to come to the surface.

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