Workplace Counselling & Trauma Support Service

Nationwide On-Demand Service Available Immediately

Phone/Online Counselling

A convenient option for those who want to communicate remotely with a counsellor using telephone, mobile or online.

Crisis & Trauma Support

Immediate remote access to a trauma and critical incident debriefing team. Ready to support you when you need help.

Telephone / Online Counselling

A convenient option for those who want to communicate remotely with a counsellor online or by phone.

Our Counselling Service is immediately available to assist with the impact on individuals arising from stress, bereavement, harassment, relationship issues, mental health or any other stress-related issue. This service is available by Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime or Zoom and is similar to having a face-to-face conversation, with the exception that your employee is talking to a professional counsellor remotely at agreed times that are convenient to them.

Our online service is available from 8am to 8pm. 7 days a week.

Telephone and online counselling is also suitable for those who are disabled, housebound or living in rural areas.

Rely on us. We are here for you.

Call us in complete confidence on:
+44 (0) 20 8954 1593

Trauma & Crisis Support

Immediate access to a remote trauma and critical incident debriefing team that is ready to support an employee when help is needed.

Having a traumatic experience or witnessing an unusually stressful event can have a profound impact upon psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Our trauma counsellors are ready to support your organisation when dealing with any crisis – e.g. the sudden unexpected death of a family member or colleague, a suicide or an accident at work.

These are the serious challenges we are facing and our professional service available immediately online to help to do just that.

We are there to support both you, the organisation, and your employees.

Call us in complete confidence on:

+44 (0) 20 8954 1593


It’s really easy to book an appointment. Speak to our First Contact Support team who will propose an agreed programme and way forward.

All CSG counsellors are members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, the British Psychological Society or similar bodies and abide by their codes of ethics, standards and practice. You can be assured of strict counsellor confidentiality and we are happy to sign NDAs.

Call us in complete confidence on:
+ 44 (0) 208 954 1593


What Is Being Said About Our Counselling Service

‘Carole Spiers Group [CSG] have provided a nationwide Employee Counselling service for us since 2002, which we have found to be highly professional at all times. Our requests for these services have always been dealt promptly and efficiently and we find CSG to be both helpful and invaluable to our staff and employees’

Helen Cashmore, HR Director, Macfarlane