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Executive Coaching And Communication Skills Masterclasses For Leaders

All Our Programmes Can Be Delivered Either Face-To-Face Or Remotely

Boardroom Briefing

Board level discussion to learn how to navigate your way around a fast-paced changing business landscape.

Executive Coaching

2-way dialogue that diagnoses problems and any knowledge gaps in order to signpost the solutions.

Masterclass Programmes

Small intimate interactive groups bringing you quickly up-to-speed so you can make the right decisions at the right time.

60-Minute Boardroom Briefings

Our three customised Boardroom Briefings are designed to support business leaders during Covid-19. The manager has to maintain performance, productivity and morale without the personal interactions they are used to. And they will need a new professional skillset to cope.

Topic 1: How to Communicate Effectively When Working Remotely

During the current global crisis, it is essential that business leaders know how to keep in touch with their teams, either by phone or online. This is crucial for checking in, following up and gathering feedback. However, there are specific tools they will need to help them communicate effectively with their employees now working remotely.

Topic 2: Changing Times Demands Positive Leadership!

During the current pandemic, leaders will need to understand why change is difficult for some of their team and encourage them to come out of their comfort zone. We are now living with the ‘new normal’ and it is essential that leaders subscribe to the vision of change with the right attitude and mindset. Leaders will need to be mentally tough and be able to motivate, engage and inspire their employees.

Topic 3: How to Build Organisational Resilience in the Face of Covid-19

Making sure employees feel supported in their positions. Keeping the team motivated. Communicating regularly. Staying involved and maintaining personal relationships. Encouraging creativity and innovation. Reasserting your organisation’s moral purpose and helping employees continue to find meaning in their work. Supporting employee’s mental health and wellbeing. Being flexible and agile.

Communication Skills Training for Leaders

Managers are frequently promoted into leadership positions because of their technical expertise but often without regard to their people management skills.

‘Active listening’ is a leadership quality that rarely appears in a job description. However, those who are adept in listening to their employees are in a much stronger position to get the most out of their teams.

Everyone matters. People work harder when they feel valued and appreciated and have a sense of purpose and a Manager has a key role in building cohesive teams that provide competitive advantage.

Those leaders who are skilled in ‘active listening’ are those who are most able to create trustworthy relationships that grow the business.

CSG offers interactive coaching and leadership masterclasses in this specific area on how to positively build a healthy, workplace culture.

Build Your Leadership Skills With Coaching and Masterclasses

We appreciate that making time is not always easy when you are trying to cope with managing pressure in your organisation and an overflowing inbox.

Sound familiar? We have been working with leaders in industry for over 30 years and really understand your challenges.

That is why we offer communication coaching and training for leaders that will show them how to build key skills that will motivate and produce high performing teams.

Listening is one of the most important skills you can have and how well you listen as a Manager will have an impact on your job effectiveness and on the quality of your relationship with others.

Our suite of management development programmes are designed to build communication skills and enhance wellbeing in their teams.

We enable leaders to foster positive culture change, promote employee engagement and develop a healthy workplace culture.

People are our business. Getting the most out of them is yours! Why not let us help you achieve that objective.

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