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Online 60-Mins Stress & Resilience Boardroom Briefing

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"Show Stress Who's Boss!"

Every leader has to maintain a high level of performance in order to achieve optimum productivity and stress can sometimes get in the way.

Today’s business conditions are setting up a dangerous mix of re-entry anxiety, uncertainty, fast-changing technology, information overload and financial pressures that can seriously disrupt performance.

Leaders need to get to grips with the big issue of working under pressure, cultivate mental toughness and build resilience. See the results in innovation and motivation triumphantly overcoming all obstacles.

Our Briefing is Designed For

Leaders who need to manage their own stress, increase team performance and productivity, and who must deal quickly with any stress-related problems in the team.

Aim of Our Briefing

During the programmme, you’ll discover how to calculate the true cost of workplace stress: e.g. low motivation, poor performance and learn how to recognise signs of excessive pressure.

Our programme will Identify proactive and preventive strategies and provide proven tools to reduce stress – for both you and your organisation.

Briefing Outline

Our Boardroom Briefing will show you how to spot the early warning signs of stress in yourself and others. You’ll earn the difference between ‘pressure’ and ‘stress’ and discover how to thrive on pressure and use it to your personal advantage and thus prevent burnout.

As a busy executive, it’s never easy to achieve a healthy work-life balance but we’ll show you how to switch off when you leave work so that you can safeguard your own physical and mental stamina and build resilience.


By the end of the programme, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify stress in yourself and other team members
  • Aggressively defy the pressures; stay ‘ahead of the curve’
  • Be mentally tougher, to manage daily challenges
  • Enhance focus and mental agility during periods of high demand
  • Use key strategies for email overload and long working hours
  • Take responsibility for your own health and mental wellbeing
  • Work towards building a healthy workplace culture

This motivational programme is not only designed for insight but also for effective action. It can be delivered as a Video presentation or interactive Webinar.

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