High-Performance Leadership Development Programmes

Our customised management development programmes are designed for business leaders and can be delivered as a Boardroom briefing or longer as a Masterclass.

Customised For Senior Executives

GOOD FOR YOU: Our high performance executive portfolio is designed to meet your high expectations for quality and effectiveness. We provide tools to help leaders overcome specific challenges facing the senior team today.

GOOD FOR YOUR ORGANISATION: Our focus is on adding value to your bottom line by showing you how to sustain personal performance and increase the productivity of your team. Get the tools to build high performance teams with a shared business vision and values resulting in sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Senior Executive Programme Includes Topics Such as:

Show Stress Who’s Boss!

Surviving and thriving as the challenges mount up

Designed for senior teams who need to reduce stress, increase team performance and who must deal quickly with any stress-related problems in the workplace.

The 4 Pillars of Resilient Leadership

A crucial lesson in business life management

Designed for leaders and managers wishing to perform at the top of their game and who want their organisations to thrive and be hugely successful.

Changing Times Demand Positive Leadership

Turning problems into opportunities for personal growth

Designed for leaders who need to motivate their teams and get them on side while the organisation goes through its vision of change for the future.

Employee Wellbeing at the Heart of Corporate Success

Building strong and productive teams

Designed for the HR team and Managers who want to champion health and mental wellbeing initiatives throughout their organisations.

Forging Relationships Through Active Listening

For a deeper understanding of people and situations

Designed for executives who want to learn how to listen attentively in order to communicate more effectively and achieve tangible results in improved performance and team morale.

Speaking to Engage and Influence

Persuading and motivating at an entirely new pitch

Designed for executives who want to raise their game as communicators, and carry conviction with all groups, to achieving desired outcomes with small groups or whole conferences.

Taking the Lid off Workplace Bullying

Protect your team by building an anti-bullying and harassment-free work culture

Aimed at HR and management who must identify and investigate cases of ill-treatment within the organisation, apply and practice procedures to tackle the issue, and ensure that employees feel supported throughout.

Our Development Programmes have been specially designed for leaders and organisations.