"How NOT to Waste Your Money on Wellbeing"

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3 Proven Solutions Offered by Our Online Programme

Better Investment Returns

Simplify Wellbeing

Improve Performance

Optimising Your Wellbeing Investment Returns

With an average return of £5.20 for every £1 invested in Wellbeing (Deloitte, Jan-20), it’s more important now than ever to support wellbeing as a strategic priority.

As a responsible organisation, supporting your people, how do you target your wellbeing investment for maximum impact?

CSG Wellbeing and Change specialist Sue Evans shares how, in our new online programme.

"How NOT to Waste Your Money on Wellbeing"

This webinar explores how to avoid the 7 most common ways organisations waste their wellbeing investment. So that with the right strategy, you can improve performance, reputation and bottom line.

Choice of Programme Format

Delivered as a video presentation, or an interactive webinar which enables your team to ask questions and receive valuable free consultancy as part of the package.

Broadcast-quality presentation by CSG Wellbeing and Strategy specialist Sue Evans.

In your choice of formats.

  • We’ll send you a video for you to share with any group, any time (60 mins.)
  • Interactive Zoom webinar, arranged when convenient to you (90 mins.)

Programme Objectives:

We’ll explore the seven most common Wellbeing Wastes, equipping you to

  • Cut through the complexity of wellbeing choices
  • Make wellbeing easier to manage
  • Get the best returns for your time and money
  • Make your wellbeing offering effective in supporting a smooth-running organisation

Programme Outline

Laying the Foundations

  • Exploring the wider effects of wellbeing
  • Optimising your strategy
  • Delivering improved performance

Choosing Activities

  • Frameworks for balancing activities
  • Simplifying your offering
  • Optimising engagement

Building on What’s Already Working

  • How to identify your best practices
  • Leveraging their effects
  • Developing your wellbeing metrics

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