Confidential On-line Pay-As-You-Go Coaching

30 & 60 mins Coaching for Home and Work

Experiencing stress at work? Feeling anxious? Having relationship problems? Do you want to command a conversation and be heard? Life in this new world of work is not always that easy.

Let me help you navigate your way through life’s daily challenges.

Stress Buster Session

Show Stress Who’s Boss! – Your 30 Minute Online Taster Session with Carole Spiers

Those who need a confidential sounding board in order to articulate and examine problems and challenges that are often endemic in their professional or business lives.

Executives, entrepreneurs and other professionals requiring personalised, confidential support to help them grow in both their personal and professional life

What are the Challenges?

Work stress, home stress, managing time, worklife balance, relationship problems, anxiety, communication, career progression.

You may not be able to change your daily pressure but Carole can show you how to stop that pressure turning into stress!

Counselling Session

It’s Good to Talk – 30 Minute Online Session with Carole Spiers

There are times in all of our lives when it is really helpful to have someone to talk to, in confidence, at the other end of the phone. Whether you are facing a difficult situation at work or distress in your life, Carole is the person to talk to. As a professional counsellor, she is trained to deal with a range of situations, helping people to cope with issues such as anxiety and bereavement, relationship difficulties or personal problem solving. She will not give advice or solve your problems for you but she will listen to what you want to say, help you understand yourself better and make positive changes in your life.

Communications Coaching

Forging Relationships by Active Listening
30 Minute Online Coaching Session with Carole Spiers

Clear, convincing dialogue is a major tool in conducting business – strengthening your powers of argument, averting communication breakdown and helping you assert corporate values. Carole will give you a powerful, articulate edge in dealing with all manner of daily tasks, from routine interviews to public presentations, training sessions, return-to-work interviews, appraisals and performance reviews. To help you engage confidently with your teams and retain existing talent.

Speaker Coaching

Speaking to Engage & Influence
30 Minute Online Session with Carole Spiers

Public speaking is a valuable tool that can influence important decisions. Yet is can cause embarrassing stage-fright, even in the most senior executives if they have not had expert training. These fears can be overcome with proven techniques that will also enable inspiration ad passion to shine through your delivery – to the immense advantage of both yourself and the company as a whole. Many people are frightened of delivering presentations to their team, the Senior Board or their Shareholders but Carole will show you tips and strategies on how fear and nervous energy can be controlled; how to develop a ‘unique voice’ that carries power and conviction.

About Me

My name is Carole Spiers, founder of Stress Awareness Week, professional counsellor and stress consultant.

Sometimes is it easier to talk to a complete stranger than it is to someone you actually know. Just go to my schedule below and book in a time that is suitable for you.

I may not be able to remove the ‘new world of working’ but I can help you to cope with it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Carole Spiers / Professional Counsellor / Stress Consultant


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