Employee Wellbeing Energiser

"Getting Rid of Negative Thinking"


Customised 30, 60 or 90 Minute Live Webinars

Presented by Heather Wright
Behaviour Change Specialist


In the dynamic landscape of our daily lives, where the pressures of work and personal challenges often intertwine, it’s easy to find ourselves caught in a web of negative thinking. The “Getting Rid of Negative Thinking” Energiser, stands as a testament to our commitment to mental wellbeing and professional excellence. Led by the insightful Heather Wright, a Behaviour Change Specialist with a rich history of transforming lives, this session is your gateway to understanding and remoulding the contours of your thought processes-turning the lens from doubt to empowerment, from shadow to light.

The Need

Negative thoughts, with their stealthy creep, can often cast a long shadow over our achievements and aspirations, diminishing our joy and reducing our effectiveness both personally and professionally. There’s a pervasive need to confront and master our inner dialogue, to ensure it uplifts rather than undermines. Recognising this, “Getting Rid of Negative Thinking” doesn’t just confront these patterns; it seeks to arm you with an understanding and tools to rewrite the narrative, fostering an environment where positive thinking underpins our actions and interactions.

What Your Team Will Learn

Embarking on this journey, you and your team will uncover the intricacies of your thought patterns and learn how to navigate and reshape them. This session delves deep into the art and science of transforming negative self-talk into a powerful ally. Through guided reflections, interactive discussions, and applied practices, we provide a pathway towards fostering a resilient, positive outlook that enhances your ability to face challenges with confidence and grace. It’s not just about combating negativity; it’s about cultivating an environment where positive thoughts flourish, empowering you to achieve your full potential.


“Getting Rid of Negative Thinking” unfolds as a thoughtfully curated journey from identification to transformation. Beginning with an exploration of how our thoughts impact our wellbeing and performance, we delve into recognising the triggers and patterns that define our internal monologue. From there, we engage in a dynamic exploration of strategies to challenge and reframe those thoughts, integrating mindfulness as a cornerstone for lasting change. Each step is designed not just to inform but to transform, enabling you to harness the power of positive thinking in everyday life.


As you step beyond the boundaries of this Energiser, the horizon of your mental landscape will have shifted. You’ll emerge with a reinvigorated sense of control and a suite of strategies that breathe life into the positive narrative you’re capable of authoring. Anticipate a rejuvenated sense of wellbeing, enriched team dynamics, and a stimulated drive towards productivity and creativity. This transformation marks the beginning of a journey, an enduring shift towards a life where challenges are met with resilience and optimism, where every day holds the promise of positivity and growth.

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Heather Wright has spent over 25 years studying and teaching the neuro-psychology of behaviour and influence, and uses this information to be the catalyst to inspire and deliver results in individuals, teams and organisations. Heather converts years of research and experience into usable, teachable material to change habits and behaviours. She is a skilled facilitator and an expert on performance and achieving tangible results. She has a plethora of tools and techniques which she uses to capture innovation and resourcefulness they didn’t think they possessed.