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A team of handpicked experts who focus on workplace health and wellbeing.

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Envision the remarkable transformation as your employees acquire the tools and knowledge to effectively navigate stress, elevate personal wellbeing, and fortify their resilience.

Our energiser programme doesn’t just inspire and motivate individuals, but equips them with the skills to navigate the demands of work and life.

Sessions are meticulously designed to:

  • Propel performance to new heights
  • Amplify energy levels, especially for remote workers
  • Cultivate a cohesive and empowered team spirit

Featuring a distinguished panel of international experts in stress management, health, and wellbeing, our webinars establish deep connections with your employees. We adopt a warm and engaging approach, demystifying intricate psychological concepts and offering practical solutions to conquer everyday challenges. This empowers your workforce with actionable advice that seamlessly integrates into their lives.

Seize this opportunity and embark on your journey of transformation today!

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We employ a warm and engaging approach to demystify intricate psychological concepts, providing practical solutions to everyday challenges. This empowers your workforce with actionable advice, easily applicable to their lives.

Show Stress Who's Boss!

Presented by Carole Spiers, Business Stress Consultant.

Join Carole Spiers, for the “Show Stress Who’s Boss!” energiser webinar, designed to empower employees at all levels to build resilience, reduce stress, and improve their overall health and well-being, through interactive discussions, proven tools, and strategies, and practical tips for stress recognition, management, and resilience-building. Learn more…

Mantra Meditation, Mudras & Yogic Breathing

Presented by Prash Kotecha, Wellbeing and Mindset Coach.

Discover instant stress relief through mantra meditation, mudras, and yogic breathing techniques in this energiser webinar led by Prash Kotecha, where you’ll gain practical tools to reduce stress, increase self-awareness, and cultivate a greater sense of calm for improved wellbeing and peak performance. Learn more…

Leveraging Health4Wealth

Presented by Celynn Morin, Dietician and Wellbeing Consultant.

Prioritise your health and well-being with the “Leveraging Health4Wealth” energiser webinar. Led by Celynn Morin, this session provides practical strategies to enhance energy and overall well-being, helps navigate conflicting nutrition advice, and empowers participants to create sustainable lifestyle habits, all while understanding the importance of gut health and avoiding burnout. Learn more…

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep

Presented by Sue Evans, People & Process Performance Specialist.

Join Sue Evans in “How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep: Tips to Wake up Refreshed” and discover the surprising secrets of sleep preparation, sensory strategies for deep sleep, avoiding sleep saboteurs, and the blissful relaxation technique of NSDR.  All aimed at improving your sleep quality and overall wellbeing. Learn more…

Movement Medicine

Presented by Jamie Abrams, Yoga Consultant.

Join Jamie Abrams in “Movement Medicine” – The no-fluff yoga approach to feeling good. Simple strategies for destressing around your desk and discover practical desk-friendly movements and mindful practices to improve posture, boost energy levels, enhance productivity, and cultivate a sense of vitality and wellbeing. Learn more…

Learning How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Presented by Heather Wright, Behavioural Analyst.

Stepping beyond comfort zones can be uncomfortable, deterring many. However, imagine broadening your comfort zone to include once-daunting activities. Heather Wright offers practical insights on increasing your comfort zone, empowering you to welcome fresh opportunities with confidence. Learn more…


Presented by Lotte Mikkelsen, a Happiness Expert and Laughter Yoga Master Trainer.

Join the “Laughter: How to raise those ‘feel-good’ endorphin levels” energiser webinar, led by Lotte Mikkelsen. Discover the power of laughter to uplift your spirits, reduce stress, enhance well-being, and foster connection with others, ultimately improving team dynamics and promoting a positive mindset. Learn more…

Re-ignite Your Purpose

Presented by Prash Kotecha, an expert in purpose-driven leadership.

Ready to reignite your purpose as a leader? Join Prash Kotecha for our enegiser webinar, ‘Re-ignite Your Purpose – A Guide for Leaders.’ Gain practical strategies, align your passion with purpose, and lead with intention. This experience will enhance your leadership skills and reignite your passion for making a meaningful impact. Learn more…

Resourceful Thinking: Staying at Your Best Under Pressure

Presented by Sue Evans, People & Process Performance Specialist.

Join the “Resourceful Thinking: Staying at Your Best Under Pressure” energiser webinar by Sue Evans. Boost your internal resources, dispel myths, and tackle challenges effortlessly. Access practical solutions to enhance your mental health and resilience. Empower yourself with actionable advice to conquer daily obstacles. Learn more…

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Presented by John Perry, Therapeutic Coach.

Experience an empowering Energiser, “Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Enhancing Wellbeing,” delivered by John Perry. Gain insights into Imposter Syndrome, learn self-worth vs self-esteem, and develop strategies to challenge negative thoughts. Prioritise your wellbeing, gain confidence, and unlock your potential for personal growth. Learn more…

Burnoutand Beyond

Presented by Celynn Morin, Dietician and Wellbeing Consultant.

Join us for an energising session, “Burnout and Beyond – Taking Control of Your Wellbeing” led by Celynn Morin, where you’ll gain practical strategies and tools to recognise and prevent burnout, manage stress, and enhance your work-life balance for improved overall wellbeing. Find out how to shift from feeling exhaused and anxious to being energised and creative.  Learn more…

Reprogramming The Brain For Robust Habits

Presented by Heather Wright, Behavioural Analyst.

Experience an empowering Energiser, “Reprogramming The Brain For Robust Habits,” delivered by Heather Wright, where you’ll learn a practical 4-step process to overcome challenges, understand habit formation, and create lasting positive change for enhanced overall wellbeing and personal growth. Learn more…

Good Leaders Talk but Great Leaders Listen

Presented by Carole Spiers, Business Stress Consultant.

Join our energising webinar, “Good Leaders Talk but Great Leaders Listen,” delivered by Carole Spiers, to enhance your communication and leadership skills. Gain insights into the art of active listening, establish empathy and trust with your team. Learn how to start and end a conversation. Learn what to say and not to say. Learn more…

Performance Through Wellbeing

Presented by Sue Evans, People & Process Performance Specialist.

Join Sue Evans in the “Performance Through Wellbeing” energiser session, where organisations and employees can explore practical strategies to improve employee well-being and organisational performance, cut through the complexity of well-being choices, and create a culture that prioritises well-being for enhanced productivity and success. Learn more…

Singalong Wellbeing Energiser

Presented by George Bell.

Unlock the power of singing and experience a new level of wellbeing with Signalong Energiser led by George Bell. Singing can help you reduce stress, enhance team cohesion, and boost confidence. George will guide you from a standing start to joyfully singing. Don’t miss out on this energising session that will leave you feeling happier, connected and re-energised. Learn more…

Multi-Tasking – Magic, Myth or Mayhem?

Presented by Sue Evans, an expert in productivity.

Are you curious about the art of multitasking? Join Sue Evans, as she leads our energiser webinar, ‘Multi-Tasking – Magic, Myth, or Mayhem?’ Discover practical strategies to enhance productivity and effectively manage your workload. In this webinar, you’ll explore the optimal scenarios for multitasking, learn how to prevent cognitive overload, and receive valuable insights on reducing stress in the workplace. Learn more…

Turn on. Tune in. Tune out

Presented by Celynn Morin, Dietician and Wellbeing Consultant.

Discover “Turn on. Tune in. Tune out: How to stay motivated and unplug when working from home,” an energiser webinar delivered by Celynn Morin, aimed at individuals facing the challenges of remote work and offering practical strategies to maintain motivation, establish work-life boundaries, and unwind effectively after work, ultimately promoting overall wellbeing and satisfaction in the remote work environment. Learn more…

Getting Rid of Negative Thinking

Presented by Heather Wright, Behaviour Change Specialist.

Our thoughts have a profound influence on our emotions and actions. Yet, the crucial skill of overcoming negative thinking often lacks comprehensive guidance. Heather Wright, delves into the origins of our negative thoughts and provides actionable steps to transform them, fostering improved self-perception, heightened confidence, and enhanced self-esteem. Increase your well-being by understanding and reshaping the way you think. Learn more…

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Professionals in their Fields of Expertise

Experience the expertise of psychological and physiological experts from around the globe at our team-building and wellbeing energiser sessions. Our experts have been handpicked to provide a comprehensive solution that is specifically focused on workplace health and wellbeing.

At The Carole Spiers Group, we understand the importance of selecting the right professionals who excel in their respective disciplines. Our team is comprised of carefully chosen experts, each with a deep understanding of psychological and physiological factors related to wellbeing in the workplace.

By bringing together these handpicked experts, we ensure that our energiser sessions deliver an impactful and holistic approach to workplace health and wellbeing. Whether it’s stress reduction, resilience building, or overall improvement in health and wellbeing, our sessions offer valuable insights and actionable strategies.

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What's Being Said About Our Wellbeing Energiser Webinars

We are thrilled to have initiated collaboration with CSG, exploring their recommended techniques for effectively managing stress while working remotely and now in a hybrid work environment. Carole Spiers was inspirational in helping our senior team focus on a structured way to approach potential stress, at any level.

The webinars were of a very high standard and delivered by a professional team, and were very well received by a large and varied international audience. The illustrated tools and techniques were of immediate practical value to all delegates and, as such, we would certainly recommend the programme series.

Rachel Gunning, Independent Specialist Practitioner in Occupational Health