Employee Wellbeing Energiser

"Instant Stress Relief Through
Mantra Meditation, Mudras & Yogic Breathing"


Customised 30, 60 or 90 Minute Live Webinars

Presented by Prash Kotecha
International Self-Mastery & Mindset Expert


Discover an oasis of serenity amidst the bustle of professional life with our ‘Instant Stress Relief through Mantra Meditation’ Energiser session. Intertwining the timeless art of mantra meditation with pragmatic stress management tools, we offer you a revitalising experience, tailored for today’s fast-paced world. This expert-led journey is crafted to leave you and your team feeling empowered, focused, and imbued with a newfound sense of peace.

The Need

Modern professional landscapes are often fraught with stress, a silent adversary to wellbeing and productivity. Recognising and skillfully managing this stress is pivotal for fostering a thriving workplace. ‘Instant Stress Relief through Mantra Meditation’ addresses the pressing need for accessible, effective stress relief techniques. It is designed to arm your team against the pressures of modern work life, enhancing both individual and collective emotional resilience.

What Your Team Will Learn

In this energiser, your team will acquire insightful knowledge on how to utilise mantra meditation for mental clarity, mudras for emotional equanimity, and yogic breathing for revitalisation. These practices are not mere exercises; they are stepping stones to building a robust foundation for stress management and improved mental agility. Each technique, when applied, is a key to unlocking a calmer, more poised state of being.


Our session presents a nurturing space where participants are guided through the fundamentals of each practice, ensuring a practical and profound grasp of these ancient yet timeless stress-relief tools. With immediate application and ongoing support, integrating these practices into your workday will soon become as seamless as the rituals of your morning coffee.


Envision departing from our session with a sense of tranquillity that doesn’t waver in the face of deadlines or challenges. This is the transformation we aspire to ignite in every participant. ‘Instant Stress Relief through Mantra Meditation’ is more than a workshop—it’s a promise of a more serene, resilient, and joyful journey through both personal and professional realms.

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Prash Kotecha is an international Self-Mastery Expert, Coach and Speaker, who also hosts the 5-star rated Podcast Show “Urban Spirituality”. He has worked with global and local corporates, startups and high achievers over the past 25+ years, reaching many tens of thousands of people globally through podcasts, wellness events and retreats. Prash’s longstanding experience in self-mastery and wellbeing practices, spiritual growth and emotional intelligence, has resulted in a unique style of coaching, training and consulting that blends unconventional wisdom with real-world pragmatism.