Employee Wellbeing Energiser

"Learning How to
Step Out of Your
Comfort Zone"


Customised 30, 60 or 90 Minute Live Webinars

Presented by Heather Wright
Behaviour Change Specialist


Prepare to bravely chart the unexplored territories of your personal and professional life with our ‘Learning How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone’ session. Embrace opportunities that lie just beyond the familiar; see discomfort not as a barrier, but as a bridge to an untapped plethora of potential, creativity, and growth. This session invites you on an enriching journey towards embracing challenges with an open heart and a confident spirit.

The Need

It’s a common tale—remaining cocooned within the walls of comfort zones may seem safe, but it can lead to stagnation, missed opportunities, and less dynamic teamwork. We understand that making the leap into the unknown is daunting. This is why ‘Learning How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone’ equips you with the fortitude to navigate and thrive amidst the discomfort of personal and professional growth.

What Your Team Will Learn

Together, we’ll venture through structured activities designed to expand your comfort zone. Engage in mindfulness practices for acknowledging and managing discomfort, participate in role-playing to simulate unfamiliar situations, and collaborate in group exercises that promote support and understanding within your team.


We begin by disarming the natural reluctance to seek discomfort, using thoroughly crafted mindfulness techniques. Then, the session progresses into interactive role-playing scenarios, enabling you to step into unfamiliar roles with support and guidance. The journey is shared as group activities deepen empathy and collective strength. You’ll receive practical takeaways to maintain personal growth and a curated list of resources to support continued learning.


At the end of the session, you will leave with a new perspective on growth and innovation. Anticipate leaving with an ignited sense of curiosity and a new-found readiness to tackle challenges that once intimidated. The tools and shared experiences gained here are more than just strategies—they’re stepping stones towards a more vibrant and adaptable you, both at work and in life. The discomfort once dreaded now becomes the catalyst for your next great achievement, turning what used to be hesitation into undeniable empowerment.

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Heather Wright has spent over 25 years studying and teaching the neuro-psychology of behaviour and influence, and uses this information to be the catalyst to inspire and deliver results in individuals, teams and organisations. Heather converts years of research and experience into usable, teachable material to change habits and behaviours. She is a skilled facilitator and an expert on performance and achieving tangible results. She has a plethora of tools and techniques which she uses to capture innovation and resourcefulness they didn’t think they possessed.