Employee Wellbeing Energiser

"Movement Medicine"


Customised 30, 60 90 Minute Live Webinars

Presented by Jamie Abrams
Yoga Consultant


Unearth the power of movement with our session “Movement Medicine” – an antidote to the sedentary lifestyle that so often accompanies desk work. This transformative journey elucidates how simple, yet effective, movements can be seamlessly incorporated into your working day, right at your desk. Embrace this chance to discover practices that leave your mind focused and your body energised.

The Need

In modern work settings, an abundance of time spent at desks often leads to poor posture, decreased mobility, and persistent fatigue. These issues can have detrimental effects on our health and productivity. Tackling this widespread problem requires an accessible, effective solution. ‘Movement Medicine’ addresses this chronic challenge, laying the groundwork for a healthier and more energetic professional life.

What Your Team Will Learn

Embark on a tactile journey, unlocking an array of targeted exercises designed to release tension, improve focus, and enhance posture. With guided desk stretches, mindful breathing techniques, gentle yoga postures, and energising movements, each participant will learn to counter the effects of prolonged sitting. These simple practices foster relaxation and mental clarity.


Our session is inventively structured to cover a variety of movements that can be all done from your desk. It begins with best practices for optimal desk work and then moves into gentle yoga postures to align your posture and relieve tension. Participants will experience movements designed to energise and rejuvenate. The session concludes with a clear roadmap of how to integrate these strategies into your workday.


Upon completion of our ‘Movement Medicine’ session, expect to harness newfound vitality, improved posture, and a calmer mind. Participants step away equipped with a diverse toolkit of techniques for practical application throughout their workday. Envisage a future where energy slumps are a thing of the past, and rejuvenation can be found within the bounds of your workspace. This session is an invitation to transform, one movement at a time.

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Jamie Abrams is a somatic wellbeing facilitator, teacher, trainer and speaker with 24 years experience in the wellness industry. She has worked internationally, as well as in private practice. Her long-standing experience as a yoga teacher and embodied facilitator, intersects with her eclectic background of somatic attachment therapy, relational techniques and emotional intelligence to create authentic inquiry for profound connection to occur to self and others.