Employee Wellbeing Energiser

"Multi-tasking - Magic, Myth or Mayhem?"


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Presented by Sue Evans
People & Process Performance Specialist


Welcome to our energiser session “Multi-tasking – Magic or Mayhem?”. In today’s fast-paced work environment, multitasking is often seen as a valuable skill. However, understanding how to effectively multitask and manage your workload is crucial for optimal performance. In this energiser session, we will explore the concept of multitasking and provide practical insights and strategies to help you enhance your multitasking abilities, improve task management, and boost overall productivity.

The Need

Managing a substantial workload can be challenging, leading to over-commitment and disappointments. By addressing these challenges head-on, our Multitasking energiser session aims to equip you with the tools and knowledge to overcome multitasking obstacles and manage your workload more effectively. We understand the importance of improving task management skills to achieve greater productivity and reduce stress levels.

What Your Team Will Learn

During this energiser session, you will gain a deeper understanding of the optimal scenarios for multitasking. Through expert guidance, you will explore techniques to clear your mind between tasks and prevent cognitive overload. Additionally, we will provide you with practical strategies to avoid over commitment without disappointing others, improving your task management skills and overall productivity.


Our expert presenter, Sue Evans, will guide you through an engaging and interactive session on multitasking. We will begin by delving into the concept of multitasking and its impact on productivity. Next, you will learn about the magic number “4” related to your mind’s cognitive capacity. Through interactive discussions and activities, you will explore techniques for clearing your mind between tasks to enhance focus and prevent cognitive overload. Finally, you will acquire practical strategies to avoid over commitment without disappointing others, allowing you to manage your workload more effectively.


By the end of this energiser session, our goal is for you to feel equipped with practical strategies to enhance your productivity and task management skills. You will gain insights into the optimal scenarios for multitasking, allowing you to make informed decisions in managing your workload. Through the techniques learned, you will be able to clear your mind between tasks, prevent cognitive overload, and maintain focus. Additionally, you will have effective strategies to avoid over commitment while maintaining professional relationships.

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Sue Evans is a people and process performance specialist, speaker and coach – on a mission to get people fixing the problems which no one else has been brave enough to tackle. She is an ILM Level 7 certified coach, an NLP Master Practitioner and an Approved Havening® Practitioner (trained in each by the original creators) and a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association.