Employee Wellbeing Energiser

"Performance Through Wellbeing"


Customised 30, 60 or 90 Minute Live Webinars

Presented by Sue Evens
Stress Management Expert


Dive into “Performance Through Wellbeing” – a comprehensive session that focuses on building a nurturing environment of wellbeing at both individual and organisational levels. Delivered by Sue Evans, it explores the crucial steps organisations can take to ensure their wellbeing strategies foster improved employee health and maximise company performance. This thoughtfully curated session is suitable for all company members, from frontline employees to executives, and offers valuable insights into making wellbeing an integral part of the organisation.

The Need

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, ensuring wellbeing is often pushed to the back burner, causing negative implications for employees’ mental health and productivity. This session is needed now more than ever as organisations grapple to address challenges of burnout, stress, and low motivation. It underscores the symbiotic link between an employee’s wellbeing and organisational success, offering meaningful strategies to integrate wellbeing into work routines effectively.

What Your Team Will Learn

Participants will come away with a profound understanding of the method to maximise returns on investment in wellbeing. Team members will learn actionable steps to incorporate wellbeing into their daily routines, gaining insightful understanding of its role in boosting organisational performance. The session will feature interactive discussions, case study reviews, and group exercises highlighting the pressing need for an environment of amplified wellbeing within organisations.


This session takes its learners on a enlightening journey into the realm of organisational wellbeing. Commencing with an interactive discussion to get a hold on current wellbeing practices, participants will proceed to dissect successful wellbeing initiatives through exploring case studies. They will participate in group exercises to identify barriers to wellbeing and collaborate on brainstorming solutions. The session will round off with reflection and goal-setting exercises to fortify the learning.


The fruition of our #Energiser#9 will equip participants with enhanced awareness of the pivotal role wellbeing occupies in ensuring organisational success. Attendees will have a clear action plan for effectively implementing wellbeing initiatives, recognising the correlation between wellbeing and overall organisational performance. Participants will leave not just feeling motivated, but also equipped, to prioritise wellbeing on both an individual and organisational level, ready to create a culture of wellbeing to facilitate thriving employees and improved performance.

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Sue Evans is a people and process performance specialist, speaker and coach – on a mission to get people fixing the problems which no one else has been brave enough to tackle. She is an ILM Level 7 certified coach, an NLP Master Practitioner and an Approved Havening® Practitioner (trained in each by the original creators) and a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association.