Employee Wellbeing Energiser

"Re-ignite Your Purpose"


Customised 30, 60 or 90 Minute Live Webinars

Presented by Prash Kotecha
International Self-Mastery & Mindset Expert


Dive into the heart of leadership with our inspiring “Re-Ignite Your Purpose: A Guide for Leaders” energiser. It’s an illuminating journey designed for leaders eager to rekindle their purpose and fortify their influence. Within this session, we aim to reawaken the drive within you for impactful leadership that fosters not just a potent team environment, but also a profound sense of personal fulfilment and well-being.

The Need

In an ever-changing business landscape, it’s not uncommon for leaders to face challenges that might dim their motivation and blur their sense of purpose. Despite the hurdles, the reality remains—purpose-driven leadership is integral to fostering engagement and driving performance in teams. Our session focuses on providing you the tools needed to not just weather these challenges, but to draw from them renewed vigour for transformational leadership.

What Your Team Will Learn

In this session, engage in an exploration of the rich tapestry of purpose-driven leadership, uncovering your personal values and passions along the way. Deep dive into significant discussions on purpose, self-reflection activities, group initiatives, and culture building. Together, these facets form a refreshing journey back to your core purpose, igniting your leadership capabilities to new heights.


Our time together will be spent in a blend of interactive discussions, rigorous self-reflection, engaging group initiatives, facilitated dialogues, and action planning. This structured journey will help you reconnect to your purpose, explore the crucial role it plays in cultivating personal fulfilment, team engagement, and organisational success, and design a roadmap for a purpose-led leadership journey.


As our session reaches its conclusion, anticipate a rejuvenation of your purpose, a sense of fulfilment, and a newfound enthusiasm for leadership. Through this engaging session, you’ll come away invigorated and equipped to lead with purpose and create a positive impact on your teams, transforming their mindset and motivation. You will carry an actionable plan to infuse renewed purpose into your leadership style, culminating in driven teams and a thriving organisation brimming with a shared sense of vision and mission.

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Prash Kotecha is an international Self-Mastery Expert, Coach and Speaker, who also hosts the 5-star rated Podcast Show “Urban Spirituality”. He has worked with global and local corporates, startups and high achievers over the past 25+ years, reaching many tens of thousands of people globally through podcasts, wellness events and retreats. Prash’s longstanding experience in self-mastery and wellbeing practices, spiritual growth and emotional intelligence, has resulted in a unique style of coaching, training and consulting that blends unconventional wisdom with real-world pragmatism.