Employee Wellbeing Energiser

"Reprogramming The Brain
For Robust Habits"


Customised 30, 60 or 90 Minute Live Webinars

Presented by Heather Wright
Behaviour Change Specialist


Welcome to Reprogramming The Brain For Robust Habits Energiser! A transformative space where your team members can step back from their day-to-day grind and delve into the intriguing world of habit formation. This energiser is delivered by a top-tier behavioural analyst who blends academic rigour with real-life insights. Explore a practical 4-step process that unearths desirable habits and embeds them into your routine, becoming part of your team’s mental make-up.

The Need

Often, we find ourselves caught up in the whirlwind of challenging habits, unsure of how to forge a pathway towards wellbeing and productivity. This pressure pot spans both professional and personal life, impacting team cohesion, personal happiness, and company performance. Moreover, the lack of practical tools adds to the challenge of breaking free from negative habits enduringly. That’s where our energiser finds its purpose—providing an empathetic approach to inspire positive rejuvenation.

What Your Team Will Learn

Prepare to uncover the fascinating neuroscience that underpins habit formation, transformed into digestible nuggets of practical wisdom. You’ll unearth strategies to tackle the roadblocks that hinder new habit development, growing in confidence as you navigate this journey of change. Plus, you’ll be equipped with a robust toolset, from identifying and replacing unhelpful habits to maintaining consistency in your new habits.


During this hands-on, interactively designed session, we’ll peel back the layers of habit formation mechanism. Together, we’ll delve into a 4-step process that will empower the creation of healthier habits, followed by exploratory exercises and interactive activities. By the close of the session, you’ll also understand how small daily routines can significantly influence your physical, emotional, and cognitive wellbeing, at both personal and professional levels.


Expect to walk away with a renewed understanding of your habits and practical steps to reshape them positively. You’ll gain deep insights into the science of habit formation and strategies to counter obstacles hindering your growth. The takeaways? A practical routine, a boost in motivation, evidence-backed tools for habit creation, and an enhanced sense of resilience for lasting change. Your journey to a better you begins this very moment!

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Heather Wright has spent over 25 years studying and teaching the neuro-psychology of behaviour and influence, and uses this information to be the catalyst to inspire and deliver results in individuals, teams and organisations. Heather converts years of research and experience into usable, teachable material to change habits and behaviours. She is a skilled facilitator and an expert on performance and achieving tangible results. She has a plethora of tools and techniques which she uses to capture innovation and resourcefulness they didn’t think they possessed.