Employee Wellbeing Energiser

"Turn on. Tune in. Tune Out"


Customised 30, 60 or 90 Minute Live Webinars

Presented by Celynn Morin
Dietician and Wellbeing Consultant


Welcome to the “Turn on. Tune in. Tune out: How to stay motivated and unplug when working from home” Energiser! This energiser session is specifically designed to help individuals working remotely or from home overcome common challenges such as blurred work-life boundaries, isolation, distractions, and disconnection. We understand that maintaining motivation and finding time to switch off and relax can be tough in a remote work environment. That’s why we are here to provide you with practical strategies and techniques to stay motivated, energised, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

The Need

Working remotely or from home comes with its own set of unique challenges. Many individuals face difficulties in maintaining motivation, establishing clear work-life boundaries, and finding time to unwind. This energiser session aims to address these challenges head-on and provide you with actionable tools and strategies. By the end of this session, you will feel empowered and equipped to overcome these obstacles, improving your mindset, motivation, and overall well-being in your remote work environment.

What Your Team Will Learn

Get ready to delve into an energising session with Celynn Morin, where you will explore techniques and strategies to switch on and feel energised for work in the mornings, as well as ways to effectively switch off, relax, and enjoy your evenings after work. Throughout this session, you will gain valuable insights on how to maintain motivation, manage distractions, and create a healthy work-life balance. Leave this energiser armed with practical tools and techniques that you can implement immediately in your remote working routine.


This energiser session will guide you through interactive exercises and engaging discussions aimed at enhancing your motivation and well-being. You will learn how to switch on and set a positive tone for your workday, exploring techniques to boost energy and engagement. Additionally, you will discover ways to switch off and truly unwind after work, allowing yourself to recharge and find balance. This session is packed with practical exercises and strategies that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine for maximum impact.


By participating in the “Turn on. Tune in. Tune out” Energiser, you will leave with actionable strategies and techniques to enhance your motivation, switch off and relax, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Experience an increased sense of empowerment and equipped with tools that will improve your overall well-being in your remote work environment. Expect to feel more motivated, energised, and focused in your work, while also having the ability to enjoy your personal time and disconnect from work when needed.

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Celynn Morin, the workplace wellbeing whisperer, is a registered dietitian, celebrated speaker, and author. Her holistic method encourages connection of mind, heart, body, and spirit, enhancing lives by easing anxiety, enriching sleep, and reducing medication reliance. An accredited HeartMath coach and Embodiment facilitator, she blends South African roots with her French heritage. Living near Bristol, Celynn delights in champagne and partner dancing.