Geoff Rowe - Carole Spiers Group

Geoff Rowe DHC (UK) MISMA

Mindfulness Expert

Geoff is a qualified Counsellor and Accredited Mindfulness trainer with 25 years’ experience delivering workshops, lectures and keynote conference appearances, on a variety of subjects mainly relating to mindfulness and stress management in the workplace. He also counsels and coaches clients individually.

Geoff strongly encourages his clients to use the mindfulness and stress management skills that he shows them to build a flexible and resilient personal framework. With this foundation they can enhance and grow their existing business skill sets. This personal growth allows them to become more effective, authentic managers and leaders, giving them comfortable self-awareness, which leads to a wider awareness and empathy towards those they lead.

Reducing stress levels and learning modern mindfulness techniques have been shown by medical researchers to actually change the physical structure of the brain (known as neuroplasticity). This can lead to calmer, clearer, more focussed thinking, stronger business communication skills, greater productivity and enhanced creative problem solving.

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